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Can India defeat the USA?



Anjan Sarkar, B.Sc. Mathematics, University of Kalyani (2013)

There is no reason for USA to start a war against India.

Now even if USA thinks to attack India, I think they will not use Attom Bombs.

Now how can they attack India? Throwing Missile? Or by navy? In no way they can win against India. Its not possible to win against a military power like India. USA has lost war against Vietnam.

Only one country that is real military threat to India is China. Other two powerful countries like USA, Russia can not use their full force against India. As they are engaged in various part of the world.

Its true that Indian military depends on Imported arms. But India has enough stock to defend itself form any foreign attack. Even china does not dare to attack India. So USA will not think to atrack India directly. They may attack India indirectly like, Terrorist attack, Bomb blast, Pakistani attack etc.

But I do not think that USA will ever think to attack India becuase India is not their enemy. At present war between countries like USA, Russia, China, India is not realistic idea. Since neither of these countries can win against anyone.

USA has only one naval base in Indian Ocean and one at Djibouti. I dont think that they can reach Indian coast since India has powerful navy also. India has also power to block Malakka straight.









Elijah Gilman, studied at Shadow Ridge Middle

Well yes. India will no matter what be weaker than the U.S.A. However the war would be a stalemate and neither side would gain anything except for casualties and deaths on both sides. The U.S.A Would annihilate India in terms of navy and air. But India may possibly call in Russia which would be quite bad. But I don’t think that would happen since it would be a massive stalemate. India may also call in Bhutan and Nepal because of its friendly relations with the countries. I doubt they would do anything though and the U.S might para drop into the countries and gain a strategic hold. But I don’t think India would call them in. The U.S.A would try to naval invade or para drop but it would be highly ineffective. But India would be utterly destroyed if they attempted to even bomb a U.S city. Even if they just took a minor place like Attu island or Johnston Atoll they would be captured within a hour. India also provides a ton of trade for the U.S so both economies would suffer. I guarantee within 80–120 days both sides would look at the conflict and realize it will always be a stalemate. Both India and the U.S would sign a treaty where essentially nothing happens. No territorial gains or political changes. Trade would ensue as normal and it would be as if no war ever happened. Both sides would attempt to improve relations. India would probably send more trade. The U.S would likely do the same as well.



Shruti Singh, lives in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Yes, India can easily defeat the US.

But, not with weapons and technique. We, Indians, can easily defeat anyone and rule anyone’s heart with love, affection and smile.




Don’t you think so?



Abhishek M

Of course.leave these rankings behind.practically USA can't even defeat Talibann.they had everything but on the other hand few rebellions with AK-47 (no airforce or or navy ) fought them 10+ yrs and it was just not USA alone (NATO) . Indeed Indian military is 100 time superior to Taliban.Sure even NATO can be defeated by India.



Shanti Panwar

No India could not as USA is nearly 3 times better than India . You take it military or economy or developement or education plus USA has many allies . India too has many allies like Iran and UAE but they wouldn't go against USA



Rudra Kumar, Saare Jahaan Se Accha

Originally Answered: Can india defeat America?

In what way?

Militarily? Not without the support of China AND Russia.

Technologically? Probably in a few decades.

Politically? Not unless we become Permanent UNSC members






Andrew Arrowsmith, former 30 Years as an IT Professional

The only way that war would happen is if USA invaded India. Why would they do that?

So what happens? Does the USA conquer India? No. Never mind that you might find outfits like the SAS operating in Indian Army uniforms, India is a huge country, they are very fine soldiers, they are well armed and equipped and the sheer volume of body bags is going to have a major impact on US public opinion.

Probably the economic sanctions from Europe wouldn't’t help either.

Three other scenarios:

1.Pakistan might jump on India’s back - that might give the US the “win”, though of course from an American point of view the last case would be far worse than the first

2.Pakistan might put historic hatreds aside in favour of the need to show that the sub-continent is not prepared to be anybody’s victim - in that case, I see no possibility of an American win.

3.Countries like Britain, particularly, might see it as an obligation to repay India’s support in two world wars and take part. After that it all gets crazy. And before you say USA took part in those wars too, bear in mind that India chose to take part in each case, while in both cases America stayed out making money until kicked into the conflict by external circumstances. Europe - and particularly Britain - has not forgotten that.









Abhi Jeet

You are asking it probably after looking at the numbers….

Yes, the numbers say- and some other Americans too say- that the US would ANNIHILATE India.

But never forget one thing-- war is not won by weapons, it is won by courage and the righteousness of the intentions.

Let's assume US's willing to overthrow a govt it doesn't like. So , it invades India with a huge force, aiming at complete extinction,with loads of missiles(not nukes) and Planes and warships and tanks. You think India would be lolling in a beach?

US would literally take weeks to reach India intending to fight a war. Before even they reach the coast, we would be throwing all loads of shits on them. Tanks would blow boats up, and the coast would be littered by mines. Mortars, artillery guns and moreover, snipers and stealth manpower.

They have to trespass our jungles to reach us, and Vietnam war has shown that a westerner had better not fight the Orientals in the jungles.

If situation worsens, govt will give you guns to fight enemies. “Indianism” will turn the people savage..










The US has not won a single major war since WWII. Heck, it could not even defeat Vietnamese or Afghans, with their paltry rifles, inspite of committing large-scale human rights violations against them (who can forget pictures of napalm hit children). So I don’t think US will win a war against India or China.

But for India to win the war, India would have to attack the US, and no one has managed that since pearl harbor (the next major attack was 9/11). So unless India establishes some bases closer to the US, India won’t win the war. One advantage India has is that in US, power is very centralized. Hitting New York City or Washington DC will cripple the US. After 9/11 for example, there was major chaos and US administrators did not know how to handle it. So that will be a big advantage. India is more decentralized. That’s why the civilization continues to survive while others fell a long time ago. But I really don’t think anyone can realistically win the war.

This is one war that should not happen. A war between the largest democracy and the oldest democracy in the world does not make any sense.






Arvind Pradhan, former IT director retired at City of Pierrefonds (1982-2012)

Originally Answered: Can India destroy America?

India can destroy USA in KhoKho and possibly Kabbadi. certainly in Cricket.





Yes, in Kabaddi.




In cricket..? Yes..!!

In rugby..? No..!!



Savings.. Yes

Spendings.. No

Population.. Yes

Working hours.. Yes

Literacy rate, GDP, Per capita Income... May be not so soon

板球. . ?可以. . ! !

橄榄球. . ?不可能. . ! !

曲棍球. .可以

篮球. .赢不了

存钱. .稳赢

消费. .会输

人口. .绝对赢

工作时间. .赢了



Alok Goel, lives in India

Originally Answered: Can india defeat America?

India may not defeat America but America also had never win an outright war overseas be it Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq. To defeat a military power like India or America in a major war would most likely will be undecided




Niveditha Sunderraj, Born and bred in India and currently living in the USA

Originally Answered: Can India destroy America?


If it was a pani puri eating competition, then yes! I have faith in the Indians!

But if it was a pie eating competition then I think not. Indian taste pallets may not be used to as much sweet as they would put an average pie, but we should not give up hope should we?

Challenge accepted







Rudy Ti, wants to know everything.

This is a hypothetical question so answer too would be hypothetical.Though there is no chances of war between USA and India in near future but we can discuss the military power of India and USA.Obviously USA being superpower and no 1 military power with advanced technology has superiority over indian forces which also possess no.4 ranking in the world.There is a huge difference of budget and advanced weapons between the two nations but war can not only be win with technolgy,some other factors like tectics, experience,planning and bravery are also required to win a war.Weather and geographical conditions also play an important role.Remember, when USA fought in Afganistan with the help of allied forces,they couldn't distroy taliban in the period of 15 years.Indian army is a well trained professional army having experience of 4 wars with pakistan (1948,65,71n 99) and one war with china in 1962.Though we have lost 1962 war with China,there was one more incident where war like scenerio was created and India gave befitting reply to China in 1967.Kargil is an another example where Indian army defeated pakistani army in one of the toughest weather n strategical(enemy was on higher position)conditions.Even eminent pakistani journolist Mr.Najam Sethi claim that indian army operation in kargil was militarily superior and of extraordinary courage. Everyone is aware of the bravery of Indian soldiers.Indian army have a a lot of experience in war with terrorism.UN has also appreciated the work of Indian peace keeping forces in war torn countries.American army too had appreciated the training and professionalism of Indian armed forces during Indo-US military exercise.Indian fighter pilots have outperformed American pilots with 9:1 ratio in war games.If any country including America go to the war with India ,they would have to face unimaginable loss.At the end India is an strong country and any country will think twice to be on wrong side of ours.FYI countries always fight in groups as USA with nato forces and india is not part of any group.AlthoughRussia has always helped India in crucial conditions.So we can hope for Russia to help us.



Sumit Deb

Originally Answered: Can india defeat America?

If it is a cricket match the definitely yes




Sudhir Devapalan, works at Global Analytics

In an all out war, India has no chance of winning against the US. But that doesn’t mean that the US can win either. In a world where the US and India are at war with no allies, they’ll have to face off against each other directly. With such a large geographic distance separating them it is highly improbable that either of the two can come on top. At least the advantage will be on the side of the US with their superior numbers in aircraft carriers (20:1), submarines and other naval vessels. India will definitely be on the defensive as it has absolutely no striking power to hit the US mainland. But at home they will be strong and can fend off any attacks easily as the attacking forces will be far from home with a stretched supply line. Nuclear bombs would be a cause of concern but they are unlikely to be used as they will cause a global uproar. So to answer your question in short, no India can’t defeat the USA but they can defend themselves from an US attack



Naresh Trivedi

Originally Answered: Can India destroy America?

Why would we destroy our business partner and a huge market?



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