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What is the difference between India and Pakistan?



Rohit Kumar Singh (

India and Pakistan, whats the difference;

Well, Pakistan’s new Finance minister Janaab Asad Umar announces that Pakistan needs 12 billion (1200 crore) dollars in form of loans urgently in the coming 4–6 weeks.[1]

Later it was announced that Pakistan needs loan between 9-12 billion dollars to cope-up with its down-spiraling account deficit economy.[2]

Pakistan’s new PM indicated that he would knock the doors of IMF for country’s largest ever bailout of 12 billion dollars.[3]

Meanwhile in India

India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani has real-time net worth of 40.3 billion (4030 crore) dollars as of today.








Siddharth Sinha, Novelist, writer, Lecturer

Cheese and Chalk! White and Black! That is the difference, literally. I don’t mean to play down Pakistan because I have some very good friends there. But the differences are glaring:

1.India has had genuine democracy since 1947 (apart from the 18 months of emergency) - Pakistan has had a limited franchise. The first civilian Government came to power in 1972 when Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto became President and then Prime Minister. Then he was brought down in 1975 by Zia Ul Haq and hanged. After Zia dies in an air crash, democracy is restored, but 18 years later Nawaz Sharif is toppled by Musharraf and sent into exile.

2.India has had one National Anthem - Jan Gan Man! Pakistan has it’s second one now. The first ‘Tarana-e-Pakistan’ which was written in pure Urdu, the national language of Pakistan (accepted and now spoken by the entire nation), was abolished and replaced in 1952 by ‘Pak Sarzamin’ written by Hafeez Jallandhari in pure Persian (except one word ‘ka’ in Urdu. Persian is spoken or understood by less than one percent of Pakistanis in present day. The reason the first national song was removed because it was written by a Hindu, Jagannath Azad?

3.Pakistan is an Islamic Republic but has theocratic state rules. India is secular.

4.Though Hindi is accepted as the national language of India, it is not officially gazetted. Pakistan has its national language - Urdu.

5.Indians know and are proud of their heritage and culture. Pakistan has a richness of ancient history, but chooses to ignore it. This creates an identity crises. On the other hand, Indians own that richness and culture though its it Pakistan.



2.印度有一首国歌——Jan Gan Man!巴基斯坦现在有了第二首。第一首“塔拉纳-巴基斯坦”是用巴基斯坦的民族语言纯乌尔都语写的(现在被整个国家接受并使用),1952年被废除,并由哈菲兹-贾兰德哈里用纯波斯语写的“巴基斯坦萨尔扎敏”取代。今天,只有不到百分之一的巴基斯坦人能听说或理解波斯语。第一首国歌之所以被删去,是因为它是由一个印度教人贾格纳思·阿扎德创作的?




6.India got it’s constitution in 1950 adopted by the parliament. Pakistan’s present constitution is its third, which was introduced by Z. A. Bhutto.

7.India is named after the river Indus which barely touches India but flows in Pakistan all the way through. ‘Pak’ in the name of Pakistan comes from Urdu, an Indian language, and ‘Stan’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘Sthan’.

8.Pakistan supports the Palestinian movements but Zia-ul-Haq carries out a massacre of Palestinians in Jordon, in ‘Black September’ Operation, killing over 20,000 Palestinians. PLO leader was also supported by India, and its leader Late Yasser Arafat called Mrs. Indira Gandhi his sister.

9.India is now the world's 3rd largest economy (GDP-PPP) terms, and 6th largest in nominal GDP in US$ terms. Pakisyan's politicians/businessmen and bureaucratic elite have run Pak economy to ground. Its barely surviving.

10.India and Pakistan gained freedom at midnight between August 14 and 15, 1947, but Pakistan celebrates it on 14th from 1950 (earlier, for 2 years Pakistan too had celebrated it on 15th), India has always celebrated Independence Day on 15th August since 1947.

11.Pakistan was carved out of India. India was split into many countries.

12.But… the biggest difference between India and Pakistan is that, most Indians look at Pakistanis as their own people, but very few Pakistanis consider Indians as their own. Pity… on both sides.

If India hadremained undivided, we would be the third largest, and much prosperous nation — economically, culturally and historically.




9.印度现在是世界第三大经济体(GDP- ppp),以美元计算的名义GDP排名第六。巴基斯坦的政客/商人和官僚精英已经把巴基斯坦经济拖垮了,几乎无法生存。





Thirumalainambi Subramanian Yadav, knows Tamil

The difference between India and Pakistan is India :- India has Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Pakistan has Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

印度和巴基斯坦的区别在于印度:印度有APJ 阿卜杜勒·卡拉姆博士。



He is Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, He is a Pakistani Nuclear Physicist. He joined URENCO and after some years his work got access of blue print of Uranium Centrifuges.

Soon, he took to visit his country in 1974 and fled away with blue prints ensured to him and never came back to URENCO. His stolen blue prints helped Pakistan to became a nuclear power.

Khan created an international network to sell nuclear technology to Libya, Iran, and North Korea. He was caught and had to accept his crime in the front of media. He was put under house arrest for 5 years. After that he lived a Luxurious Life as he was accepted as National Hero in Pakistan.





He is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, He was an Indian Scientist, Politician, Administrator, Author, Professor. He joined Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and made several ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology, thus he came to be known as Missile Man of India.

After that he joined Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in 1963, he was the Project Director of India’s first satellite to be placed in orbit by an Indian-made launch vehicle SLV-3 ‘Rohini’ and many other things which made ISRO to be the 5th best Space Research Organisation in the world.

When Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the President of India he donated his salary to a trust called PURA. He helped design a cost-effective coronary stent known as ‘Kalam-Raju-Stent’ making healthcare accessible to all. Dr. Kalam and Dr. Soma Raju came up with a rugged tablet computer in 2012 to take care of health of underprivileged people in rural India. By his speech he inspired many youngsters of India, I am also inspired by him.

He was accepted as hero by not only India but the whole world. Switzerland had declared May 26 as ‘Science Day’ in honour of visiting Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, NASA named an organism found in the international space station after Dr. Abdul Kalam (solibacillus kalamii). India named a Island off the coast of odisha as ‘Dr. Abdul Kalam Island’, etc.

这位是APJ 阿卜杜勒·卡拉姆博士,他是印度科学家、政治家、行政官员、作家、教授。他加入了国防研究与发展组织(DRDO),并造出了几枚弹道导弹和运载火箭技术,因此他被称为“印度导弹之父”。


APJ 阿卜杜勒·卡拉姆博士担任印度总统期间,他把自己的薪水捐给了一个名为PURA的信托机构。他协助设计了一种名为“Kalam-Raju-Stent”的价格实惠的冠状动脉支架,使所有人都能获得医疗保健。2012年,卡拉姆和索马·拉朱博士设计了一款坚固耐用的平板电脑,用于监测印度农村贫困人口的健康。他的演讲鼓舞了许多印度年轻人,我也受到了他的鼓舞。


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam owned

6 Pants (2 DRDO Uniforms)

4 Shirts (2 DRDO Uniforms)

3 Suits (1 western, 2 Indian)

2500 Books

1 Flat (which he donated)

1 Padma shri

1 Padma bhushan

1 Bharat Ratna

16 Doctorates

1 website

1 twitter account

1 yahoo account

1 email ID

He even donated his last 8 years pension towards the development of his village.

APJ 阿卜杜勒·卡拉姆博士的财产只有











1 个twitter帐户





Rakshita Sharma, Legal Manager at ICICI Bank

Pakistan’s nuclear missiles are named Ghazni, Ghauri,Babur and Abdali. Each name is a symbol of Muslim victory in Hindu- Muslim conflict.

Modern India has named its nuclear weapons after the elements of life-Agni, Aakash, Prithvi (Fire, Sky and Earth).

The difference is in the ideology- Destruction versus life.

Source-MJ Akbar’s Tinderbox-The past and Future of Pakistan.




资料来源:MJ Akbar的《火药桶》——巴基斯坦的过去和未来。


Kushal Shah, studies at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (2021)

Below is the pic of General Zia Ul Haq.



The one who toppled government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in below pic



Why do I mention this at all? It is quite routine in Pakistan for an army general to topple elected representative of Government.

The reason is, this time it was extremely gentle shrewd person called Bhutto. Bhutto was known for his Foreign Education, for his gentle man image, very similar to Shashi Tharoor in India. He beautifully negotiated Shimla agreement with Indiraji after Yahya Khan left country in miserable state in 1971.

Bhutto defended his country in UN. He very intellectually argued in security council. Had he been the Prime Minister for longer time I expected the India Pakistan relationship on better part. In a nutshell even India did not wish that he shall die early.

He was one of the most popular leader in Pakistan even when he was imprisoned .





The last mistake he did was appointing Zia Ul Haq as General in Pakistan army. Zia intially behaved in very sober way but unfortunately his intentions were not what they should be. He planned a military coup successfully executed it.

It is allegedly said that charges against Zulfikar were manufactured and there were no real charges against him. However, after he was found guilty he was served with a death penalty.

Now take India.




India always had a very humble sophisticated person in seat of Prime Minister and President. May it be Indian National Congress or may it be BJP or bloody coalition of Xyz Janata party. Every Prime Minister was intellectual thinker and well experienced in politics except Rajiv Gandhi who unfortunately became India’s Prime Minister had I been born at that time I would have sat on hunger till death against Rajiv’s candidature of PM.

This is the difference between India and Pakistan.

PM here never fears of his life.

PM across the border first fears of his life than he fears about his Power and at last citizen of Pakistan.






Satyam Chourasiya (

You decide the difference. Read the following two stories:-

Story 1:- A fighter jet is flying under the territory, suddenly a missile comes from another country.

Pilot tries everything to save the Jet Plane, but he cannot.





Missile hits the plane and plane starts to fall. Pilot decides to use parachute because there is no other way to save the plane.

He ejects from the jet and started falling near the Line of Control. Enemy soldiers see the parachute and start firing.

The parachute was full of holes by enemy fire and his descent was turbulent.

The pilot fractured his knee. There were several bullet wounds in his body, but he was still alive. (Remember he was in territory of his country).

The enemy soldiers took the pilot to their territory and after many days of torture,they killed him.






Story 2:- A helicopter from enemy country comes into our territory.

The border security force think the helicopter came by mistake, so they do not fire heavy weapons until any hostile activity by helicopter.

The helicopter came up to 700 meters into our territory. BSF fired small weapons at the helicopter(to warn them, they didn't want to hurt the helicopter). They didn't use any anti-aircraft gun to knock down the chopper.

After some time helicopter returned to its territory.

After some hours news come in media “ Pakistan/POK PM (I can't say who was in the helicopter) was in that helicopter.”


The pilot from the first story was Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja. Pakistan brutally killed him.









The post-mortem report of Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja spoke of three grievous wounds:

1.There is a penetrating gunshot wound; entry near right ear, exit near the external orifice of left ear.

  1. Gunshot wound: entry 2 cm medial to right nipple, exit near left iliac crest damaging internal viscera like liver, intestine and peritonium.
  2. Compound comminuted fracture left knee.
  3. Suffered multiple punctured wounds over left and right thighs, rupture of right lung, injury to neck vessels, small intestine and left liver.

It was reported that the left knee fracture was sustained when he parachuted down, but the gunshots show that he landed alive and was shot. And his death was called as a cold blooded murder.








Srikant Naikar, lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

No offense Please.

How Pakistan made Judgement on the basis of religion.

1971 | A Pakistani soldier during the Bangladesh Liberation War checking a man's penis to see his religion.

And here, Indian soldier's judgement on the basis of Humanity.







Humans have made religion, religion has not made Humans.

So first behave like a human.




Prakash Thorat, Avid reader of Military wars

The main difference between India and Pakistan are ;

1.While one is mother another is offshoot.

2.India lives in own home while Pakistan lives in partitioned home.

3.First is secular state another is Islamic State.

4.while In India Prime Minister is defacto head while in Pakistan he is dejure head.

5.Indian history is inherited while Pakistan history is written.

6.Indian ancestors know where from they came . Pakistan is still researching on them .

7.Pakistan Army pulls strings from behind . Indian army fights from front.

8.We make bollywood, they follow bollywood.

9.While we spend to make movie, they just copy the movie.

10.Pakistani artist are welcome in India , Indian artist except Khan's are not welcome in Pakistan.












11.They have maestro like Guam Ali , Mehandi Hassan, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan , we just have Jagjeet Singh.

12.They speak classic urdu , we speak Hindi.

13.They are obsessed with India , India is obsessed with America.

14.We have Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi , Chennai and Calcutta. They just have Lahore and Islamabad .

15.They have LET , JUM , Haqqani , and ISI, we only have RAW.

16.They eye Kashmir, we now eye Baluchistan.

17.We have neutral press. Except Dawn, they have none .

18.Their army is King makers Our army is government servant.

19.They have good and bad terrorist we have only bad terrorists.

20.The Shia and Sunny fight there . our Shia and Sunni live in harmony and offer namaaz together.











21.They prosecute Ahmadia, we honor Dr Kalam.

22.The Punjabi alone rule there. We have open democracy.

23.They live on foreign aids , we live on our money.

24.They hate us , we accommodate them.

25.They want cricket diplomacy we now want international diplomacy .

26.They give shelter to Osama Bin Laden and Dawood, we give shelter to Dalai Lama and Tarikh Fatah.

27.They flirt with Chinese we friends with Japan and South Korea.

28.They smuggle nuclear know how, we evolve our own.

29.They are friends with communists . we are friends with Democrats.

30.They live under duress and pressure. We live freely .

The differences are endless and mostly self inflicted .













Suraj Pulluri, Software Engineer at Verisk Analytics (2018-present)

There are many differences between India and Pakistan. Some of them are:

1.India is developing in every aspect and is one of the best nations of the world while Pakistan is becoming a greatest threat to the planet.

2.India fights with its brave army while Pakistan cowardly uses terrorists.

3.India reached Mars while Pakistan is still trying to reach Kashmir.

4.Indians are excelling in various fields like science, technology, medicine, literature while Pakistan is progressing only in one subject called violence.

5.India knows the value of life and strives to protect the lives of even enemy’s citizens and treats them in its hospitals while Pakistan never misses a chance to show its evilness by torturing innocents like Sarabjit and Kulbhushan. Forget about its actions with enemy country, it sends its own citizens to mortuary in the name of terrorism.








6.India's PM receives ground breaking welcome wherever he goes while Pakistan's PM gets warnings, threats and pressure from other nations.

6. 印度总理所到之处都受到史无前例的欢迎,而巴基斯坦总理则受到来自其他国家的警告、威胁和压力。


7. India allocates nearly 45 billion dollars for its army while Pak allocates 9.6 billion dollars for its army.

8. Indian army is 2 times larger than Pakistan army and is better than Pakistan's army in any metric.

9. Pakistan gives autographs while India takes them happily but only on war treaties.

7. 印度为军队拨款近450亿美元,巴基斯坦为军队拨款96亿美元。

8. 印度军队是巴基斯坦军队的2倍,在任何方面上都优于巴基斯坦军队。

9. 巴基斯坦签名,印度愉快地接受,但仅限于战争条约。


  1. India won all 4 wars against Pakistan, still strives for peace whereas good for nothing Pakistan cannot wait for its destruction.
  2. Indians want to be engineers, doctors, astronauts, scientists, scholars while some Pakistanis want to be suicide bombers.
  3. Indian actors are popular across the globe and Indian movie collections are setting benchmarks at international stage while Pakistan youngsters are dying for a chance in bollywood.
  4. Indians fight with other indians during IPL and unite once it is done while Pakistan has people who fight for separate nation like Balochistanese.
  5. India is the largest democracy in the world while Pakistan is a nation where no one has an idea about the ruling (Is it army led government or government led army?)
  6. India is like a father who sacrifices a part of his property to his son, while Pakistan is like a cruel son who wants to kill its father for the other part.

Jai Hind

  1. 印度赢得了对巴基斯坦的四场战争,仍在为和平而奋斗,而巴基斯坦则走向毁灭。
  2. 印度人想成为工程师、医生、宇航员、科学家、学者,而某些巴基斯坦人想成为自杀式炸弹袭击者。
  3. 印度演员在全球都很受欢迎,印度的电影在国际舞台上取得了成就,而巴基斯坦的年轻人则渴望在宝莱坞获得机会。
  4. 印度人在印度板球超级联赛期间与同胞激烈对战,一旦比赛结束就团结如初,而巴基斯坦人则像俾路支人一样为独立的国家而战。
  5. 印度是世界上最大的民主国家,而巴基斯坦是一个没人懂得治理之道的国家(是军队领导的政府还是政府领导的军队?)
  6. 印度就像一个父亲,损失自己的一部分财产给了儿子,而巴基斯坦就像一个无情的儿子,为了更多财产而杀死自己的父亲。


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