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Which country would you want to live in, India or China?



 Quora读者的评论: 译者:Joyceliu

Jacques Văn Khải, You will be surprised with it

It all depends on how you feel. You can judge from your opinions toward and toward, let alone over it, okay? Kick it!

1.If you are rich-enjoyable, a man who want to earn rich fast and want to make stun: China. China is a good place to your business be successful. But ignoring India will such be a miss for you.

2.If you want to free yourself, and find no restriction: India. India traditionally is a good place if you think on free mind. China is a restricted one and not fit much.

3.Want clean air? Since both are share the close pollution level India, they are much cleaner than other parts of both. But comparing all, still you should be in China.

4.IT development and science? India. People in here are very smart and Indians comprise many good IT program developers. Don’t forget the boss of Google is an Indian.

5.Martial arts and sports? China. China can be an enjoyable place to live for your sport activities.

6.Military intelligence? Welcome to… both.

7.Culture? China. Chinese cultural activities are more better than India.

8.Filming? Enjoy your trip to India. Bollywood films get hit better so far now. Hey 3 Idiots!

9.Against raping? Welcome to China because China’s law is better than India against rape.

10.Religious free? You can visit India, because it is very good to practise religions there. Much more free air than in China.

There are many reasons to live in both India and China, so I can list some few.














Quora User, studied Business Administration & Social Psychology at University of Madras (1999)

I think Indian culture generally reinforces the importance of hospitality and care for family and friends. It is considered a duty, and even a status symbol, to be generously hospitable.

The maxim of hospitality in India has crossed generations ... Traditionally, the best bed in the house is given to the honored guest. Atithi Devo Bhava : Meaning : The guest is equivalent to God' is taken from an ancient Indian scripture which became part of the "code of conduct" for Indian society. Atithi Devo Bhava prescribes a dynamic of the host-guest relationship.

The mantras are from the Taittiriya Upanishad, Shikshavalli I.11.2 that says: matrudevo bhava, pitrudevo bhava, acharyadevo bhava, atithidevo bhava. It literally means "be one for whom the Mother is God, be one for whom the Father is God, be one for whom the Teacher is God, be one for whom the guest is God.

And the other value that we Indians have is family values especially with our parents. And while we are on the subject, let me tell you about an elderly care company I came across and am presently availing services of.

I came across a company (Swasmos) providing such services especially for the elderly. And I have started to use them recently and I am able to engage better with their health and feel involved in taking care of them. It doesnt completely kill the guilt of not being there for them like they did for me when I was young… but it definitely eases the guilt. And conversations now with them are more meaningful. Rather than “How are you, Dad ?” and the customary “We are fine. You take care of your health and our grand children”, the conversations are more spun around actual health conditions and what we can do to make them feel better. Yes, my parents did fuss about the money I was spending over them, but for me, it was less than a family outing to a renowned pizza chain. But financials apart, I do feel less guilty and am able to track their health better.


好客的格言在印度代代相传。按照传统,家里最好的床要留给贵宾。Atithi Devo Bhava的意思是:客人就是神,这句话源自古代印度经文,成为印度社会“行为准则”的一部分。

这些咒语来自于《奥义书》,Shikshavalli I.11.2 说:matrudevo bhava, pitrudevo bhava, acharyadevo bhava, atithidevo bhava。字面意思是“要做一个母亲是神的人,父亲是神的人,老师是神的人,客人是神的人。”



Sai Charan Dachepally, a keen observer of the world

I am an Indian and I have never been to china. So whatever I know about China,I get it from media and what my brain takes out from it. The points that I observed about china are:

Disclaimer: India is a very diverse country so my views might be very different from an Indian from some other part of the country.

1.They are busy and focused on money:

Majority of what the outside world sees about China is it’s cities and to me there seems to be too much hustle bustle. I am not saying that Indian cities are any different but the reason in our cities maybe is because unorganized things.

2.control of media:

This is really a big concern. I often wonder why they don’t let foreign media in. what are they afraid of really ?. so except for the urban and semi-urban parts of china,the rural Chinese doesn’t know much about the world.

3.people are different :

I remember seeing videos of china regarding Hong Kong and interestingly the difference between them is very noticeable and most of the videos showcase a very peculiar behavior of mainland Chinese that is aggressiveness,anger and a total disrespect to the local societal norms. What went wrong with mainland China I think is that a rapid economic interaction with the world with a very less social interaction due to restricted media.but still I can’t explain the aggressiveness and anger.










Awantika Mishra, studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Mau

For many decades , India has faced many issues because of the expansionist policies of China . Well , China has border issues with nearly all it’s neighbors.For many people around the world , India and China are the next two emerging giants . But are these two countries really comparable ??

Regularly, some of us tend to compare china with India . Yes , they are comparable in terms of population, both are ancient civilizations,and it is believed that historically China had a massive cultural influence from India ,

But, today should we really be comparing these two giants ?




In the rent year , there have been times when it was suggested that India can benefit by adopting the Chinese development model. But for many it makes no sense.And it is because today , the way these two countries function is completely different. Just because both countries have similar population , comparing them does not make so much sense, ...... and on the other hand , we see a communist rule in China where citizens hardly have any voice or any choice .India gives freedom to it’s citizens and to it’s media to publicly criticize or protest against their democratically chosen governments and in China freedom does not exist whether it is individual’s freedom or the freedom of it’s media and what is even worse that most Chinese do not even know how it feels to be free. Moreover, international social media sites are banned in China, however , organ trafficking is somehow still on through some backdoor channels. And that is why there is no way India has to find it’s role model in China. Yes, India can buy China made products or take paid Chinese assistance in those fields in which China has succeeded due to it’s passion and keenness in reverse engineering. And yes, it is really possible as in recent times , these two countries have had a series of many entanglements on political level. China is famous for the art of hiding its ugly sides from the international tourists , they know how to cover up slums as they famously demonstrated that during the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. On the other hand, we Indians desperately need to improve our poor waste management infrastructure. Even though India produces far lesser waste and emissions , still many of it’s street look dirtier than the streets of USA or even China’s. Many rivers in India are extremely dirty and nearly all it’s initiatives to clean it’s rivers haven’t have not shown any sensational progress. Openly , both countries deny that they are competing with each other but it is difficult to believe that the Chinese are very happy about India’s rise. China has been heavily investing in the countries that surround India and is trying to increase its influence in South Asian and south East Asian zone.


On the other hand , India is keen to work closely with countries like Vietnam, Philippians and Japan just to name a few . India is keen to build it’s friendship with a Central Asian nation like Kazakhstan and in Tajikistan , India maintains a base. Not just that, both countries are also competing in Myanmar where china have invested money in Dawei port and India has done same by investing money in Sittwe port.

India is famous for under invoicing and it has its own challenges as just a tiny percentage of its citizens pays a taxes . On the other hand, China is often accused of deliberately fudging it’s data upwards.

The fact is that India is not comparable to anyone.

There is no democracy of such a big size in the world and India’s extra ordinary diversity in its cultures, religions and languages makes it even more unique






Rishu Shukla, An Internaut and Philomath

We know that India is a Federation with Parliamentary System, whereas China is Socialist State which endorses Communism, both these countries are the most populous nations in the world with huge land area and are one of the world's largest economies (According to PPP). These two nations are fastest sprinters in the Asian Space Race. China is the world's largest Exporter, whereas India is world's largest Democracy. China has the world's largest Standing Army, whereas India has the world's largest Foreign Exchange Remittances. China is the world's largest energy consumer, whereas India is the world's fastest growing economy. China is the world's largest recipient of inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), whereas India has the world's fastest growing Telecommunication Industry. China is the world's second largest Importer, whereas India is the second largest Textile Exporter. China has the world's largest bank by total assets ( i.e. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), whereas India has the Bank with the largest number of branches across the world (i.e. State Bank of India). China has the world's largest E-Commerce Industry, whereas India has the world's largest Diamonds Industry.

That's why all these facts confuse me and If ever given chance, I would like to become the citizen of both these great nations.




Sherry Xuehui Zhao, Born and raised in China

This question should not be answered by people from China or India (that’s why I will not answer directly as a Chinese) because they are inevitablely biased. One of the answers claimed that “I’ve never been to China” and continued abrasively with his opinions about China with laughable ignorance of the reality.

A person from a third country who has knowledge and living experience of both China and India would provide an answer more objective and meaningful, like one of the answers.




Raisal Singh Ven

China. I don't even think I need to explain this. The average Indian is poor and struggling to make ends meet, and lives in garbage areas with poor sanitation and poor infrastructure (once again, average). The average Chinese person is middle-class, stable, and lives in good areas thanks to smart government management. In addition, for the average Chinese person, they do have access to stuff supposedly banned by the CCP through VPN (government doesn't care too much at this point).

Overall? I personally would choose India but I am biased as a person whose folks come from Chandigarh. If I was an average person from India or China I would prefer China.




Rushali Prasad, lived in India

India definitely.

As an Indian obviously I would consider India first. China might be developed with only 3% poverty but that can't make up for the diversity we have in India.

The festival's, the unity, the food, the food, the food. Oh my god. I would never leave India. There may be Indian restaurants in China but those can't replace the taste of the food in India.

Moreover, India is a growing economy. It is working towards progress, one step at a time. So very soon, India will be developed and I want to contribute in any way possible towards the progress of my country. So I guess I would live in India.






En Xiao

If I were a female either from China or India, I must select China. China is one of the best countries where females have the highest position in society. They can work outside, and compete with males in most of the organizations. Also, many of them have absolute rights inside families. Chinese people accept females have equal rights as same as males. In most area, even in rural area, girls are educated in schools as same as boys.

If I am a professional religious person, I think India is a better place because it is much tolerated.

I never have been in India, and can’t judge it. However, as I heard, the most concern is the sanitation. In China, as an average people, everything is fine so far for me. My concern is the people relationship and the pressure on people. It’s common for people in big and busy cities.





Freddy Kleef

China. Greater stability, less corruption, better public welfare, less violent crime, more toilets.



Li Tian, General Manager at T&G Industrial Limited / Chinese Buying Agent in Foreign Trade (2007-present)

india is still many years behind China. If you want to help the development of india, it is a good place to go.



Sam Goyal

Obviously India more tolerant country than China



Syed Zain, Manager at ICICI Bank (2007-present)

Being an India bcz it's food , people and culture



Rishabh Dagar, I frequently travel to other countries

Both of the countries have their own pros cons.

While india has the largest poor population in the world, china has reduced its poverty to just staggering 3% so therefore china

But as an animal lover, who are given great respect in india, china treats animals not that well. For example, yulin dog meat festival and leather industry of china. Thereore India

As an aspiring businessman, china has relatively more number of billionaires and excellent conditions for an entrepreneur. Be it labour or power. This gives me a slighly higher chance of becoming a billionaire in china






In India, there is freedom of speech and people have their fundamental rights as opposed to China which doesn’t reallygive its citizens enough freedom. But as less number of youth is enrolling in politics in India nowadays and more are going for business options, China is better.

India is still a conservative society wanting to live inside that “caste” bubble whereas China is pretty liberal and open minded. Also china being the world’s most populated country, is not densely packed as opposed to India. I can still have my personal space without those aunties luring over to who comes to my appartment.

Indian cuisine is delicious but i like chinese more. Just a personal opinion.

These are main reasons i would love to move to china. No, i would not miss my neighbours, traffic or that doodhwala and whenever i would miss indian food, there sure are a lot of indian resteraunts in china.

Other reasons are lane discipline, cleanliness and higher currency value.






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