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Which country has a better film industry, China or India?





Nilesh Kamath, Writer, Filmmaker & Film Entrepreneur

If you don't take into account the Hong Kong film industry then there are glaring disparities between Indian & Chinese film industries. While Indian film industry is further fragmented into many regional industries, China's film industry functions as a behemoth, therefore, their Production Companies are better positioned to Directly compete with Hollywood in the terms of scale & grandeur. That is also the primary reason why Hollywood films do remarkably well in China compared to that in India. Also since, Indian Industry is fragmented it is well adapted to fine tune its content to better suit its audience which makes Hollywood’s job the much more difficult.

Where as in India the Hollywood releases have to battle not just with Bollywood but also with resurgent Telugu & robustly boisterous Tamil cinema, for the slice of the box office pie, the gargantuan nature of Chinese Productions limits the number of films that can be produced in any given year leaving Hollywood to fill in the need. Here the Chinese model of going BIG works to their disadvantage but, all that is changing now. China’s new breed of Directors are less focussed on trying to assert themselves Internationally and instead, are more interested in bringing in the local audiences into the theatre than wowing the critics.



Given China’s penchant of always being at the top of every game they play, the day is not too far away when the Mainland Chinese film Industry will be churning out more movies than all of the Indian film Industry combined. Also, given that the Chinese have no dearth of resources, both financial & human, that day is only a few years away. Technically they are already miles ahead of Indian film industry, all they need to do is fine tune their marketing outlook and voila! they will have the World eating out of their hand.

So to sum it up India has a more diverse, unorganized & technically immature film industry whereas China has a more consolidated, technically competent industry with access to infinite resources.




Asheesh Gupta, I like strange things about Movies

I am sorry , I do not know much about china movie industry or market, however compared to the craze and love Indian public has towards cinema, Indian movie industry is really doing a bad job. With the highest numbers of watchers in the world the only thing good about Indian movies which I can say is of international standards is Music. Rest everything else is way too rookie.

1.Acting - Indian actors have totally changed the meaning of word "acting" and replaced with "fashion" and "fake attitude"

2.Dance - Inspite of every movie relying on songs and music, hardly any actor knows how to dance except very few and then there are no equally good choreographers. They still live in the era of Jitendra and Sridevi.

3.Direction - they just think Indian public is a fool and they can show anything and since we all of them are like that public has no choice. They do not know when to show surprise or any other emotion and for how long.

4.Special effects - this is still to be invented in Indian movies.

5.Story - story writers though manage to come with good story however directors or editors do a good job in screwing it almost all the time.








Trias Moodley

It really depends on the the audience and geographics. The Chinese film industry is popular in the far East whilst Bollywood has a huge following not only in India but also its neighbours Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka , Iran , as well as the Middle East and certain African countries. Also it is popular with the Indian diaspora who reside predominantly in the West. Also Indian cinema isn't quite as subjected to state censorship laws as in the case with China



Deng Xin, chinese native

India.Most of chinese movies are garbages. An important factor is that the restriction and censorship prevent meaningful works. As a result,the themes of chinese films are rather monotonous. The creators can’t discuss about some sensitive topics



Mohan Vanamalai, a humble Indian

There cannot be a one-dimensional analysis in comparing something like this.

In terms of technology, international stars, action choreography, chinese film industry is ahead.

In terms of sheer diversity of languages, themes, freedom of expression - Indian industry is ahead. (although I must admit I haven't seen a lot of off-beat chinese movies)




Sameer Salasakar, works at Missouri University of Science & Technology

It depends on different factors. I would like to mention few factors.

1) Budget- Currently, both countries are using new technologies to attract more audience and get publicity internationally. But when you compare budget, Some chinese movies are ahead of indian movies. Example- Bahubali (Indian highest budget movie till now)- USD 18 Million. Dragon blade (Chinese highest budget movie till now)- USD 65 million. Also even though china produce less number of movies per year, average budget of chinese movies is higher than indian movies.

2) Total number- India wins here. India produces more number than any other country even Hollywood.




3) Worldwide Popularity of movies - I think china wins here. I am from India but studying in USA. From my experience, I can tell what western countries think about these both film industries. It is no wonder that most of the big box office movies are either action movies or Sci-fi. So in 5 top big hits you will find at least 3 movies from action or sci-fi genre. Now whole world knows chinese movies show best action scenes. I am not saying they are all good. But as that genre attracts more audience, here I find Americans who have watched many Chinese action movies but not single Indian movie. And also these Chinese movies are dubbed in all languages where as Indians movies aren't. So this shows the demand. Indian movies are watched mostly in Africa and Middle east. So I think China again wins here.


4) Worldwide popularity of Stars and actors- While talking about movies to many other students from different countries I came to know that almost every Chinese student including my labmate knows Indian film star Aamir Khan because his two movies 3 Idiots and PK were big hits in China. Also in Iraq, many people know Akshay Kumar, SRK, Amitabh bachchan. Rajinikanth is famous in Japan. But when we talk about Chinese film stars, I think, whole World knows Jackie Chan, Bruce lee and Jet li. Again as I said people like action genre. May be that is the reason. In fact, Bruce lee is legendary figure. Jackie Chan became household name in America in 90s and still it is household name. People say, it became so popular that many parents enrolled their children in Karate and Taekwondo class. Even Zulus of Africa also know Jackie Chan. These stars are offered as main lead role in many Hollywood movies. Now it is very difficult to get main role in Hollywood movie as Asian. But Bruce lee, Jackie Chan, Jet li made their way. Corey Yuen, fight choreographer of Matrix movies and many other Hollywood movies is another name.

4)明星和演员的全球知名度—当我和来自不同国家的学生谈论电影时,我发现几乎每个中国学生,包括我的实验室组员,都认识印度电影明星阿米尔·汗,因为他演出了两部电影《三傻大闹宝莱坞》和《我的个神啊》在中国大受欢迎。同样,在伊拉克也有很多人认识阿卡什·库马尔, 沙鲁克·汗, 阿米塔布·巴强。拉吉尼肯在日本很出名。但是当我们谈到中国电影明星时,我想全世界都知道成龙、李小龙和李连杰。就像我说的,人们都喜欢动作片。也许这就是原因所在。事实上,李小龙是一位传奇人物。成龙于90年代在美国就家喻户晓了,至今仍是家喻户晓的名字。人们说,他太出名了,以至于许多家长为他们的孩子报名参加空手道和跆拳道班。甚至连非洲的祖鲁族人也知道成龙。这些明星在许多好莱坞电影中出演主角。现在亚洲人很难在好莱坞电影中出演重要角色。但是李小龙,成龙,李连杰成功了。另一个名字是《黑客帝国》和其他许多好莱坞电影的打斗编导元奎。

5) Salaries of Stars- Both countries audience are crazy for their movies and so stars also demand high. But chinese stars are always on top when it comes to their salary. Like once again Jackie Chan is second highest paid acto in the world and Highest paid in Asia for 2015 (USD 50 million). This can justify the demand of Chinese film stars in global market.

6) Music- Both film industries have close relationship with songs. In Indian movies, there was time when songs were based on situation and had meaning that can help story progress further. But now songs are more westernized. In Hong Kong, Canto-pop music is very famous and most chinese film stars like Andy Lau are Canto-pop stars and are in great demand and so highly paid. But when it comes to songs, India rules. I know few people from Middle east who like Indian songs and music. Here, in USA, Americans also like to dance on Indian songs than their own. The rythm they have in music, mesmerize many americans. So India wins in this case.



So overall, it depends on what perspective you want to consider. If you are talking about revenue collected by movies, then China is ahead as it sells action. Otherwise both Industries make good movies and bad movies. And are almost at the same level when it comes to use new technology in movies. Hollywood surpass them here. Currently, both industries are not doing well. Both industries produce movies on sensitive subjects also. And there are many such hit movies. But currently, not many creative movies are made in both industries. India makes largest number but most of them are crap. As I am from India, I can tell that most of the audience for Indian movies is youth. So most movies have same formula- Some idiotic comedy with silly action scenes which dont follow physics rule. There was time in Indian Cinema, where people use to watch same movie in theatre for 10 times just because of Songs and dialogues. Names like Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan are legend for this film industry due to their acting and dialogue delivery. Now audience changed. People and mostly young people's view about movies is way to pass time. (when they bunk college)

I dont know much about current situation of Chinese movies. But it looks like they are also in same boat. Most of their Stars are making bad movies. There was time in Chinese cinema where they were showing those subtle meaning of martial arts through training. Then Chinese opera artists like Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Yuen Bio came and added comedy in this martial arts movies. Jackie Chan showed, his new way of action with complicated fight choreography and great use of environment and sense of humor. Now his stunt team choreographs action scenes for many big hollywood projects. There are people including me who grew watching their movies and imitating their moves. Snake in the Eagle's shadow and Drunken master are most famous to western world. But now, most of action movies from China lack story. It feels same repetitive to watch those movies as there is no creativity.



So in short, both are in same boat if you consider average quality of movies they release each year. I mentioned those factors because there can be different perspective from which you are comparing them. I hope you got your perspective of comparing them from those 6.



Krishna Kumar, studied at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Chinese have 44,000 screens. India has about 10,000 screens. In revenues china is at $7 billion and india is at $2 billion, China produces about 800 films in one language and India produces more than 2 times.

Chinese films on an average are higher budget and technically better, their audience also expect that. Indian industry is fragmented, Hindi/bollywood is just 50% of the market, there is tamil, there is telugu, kannada, malayalam, punjabi and bengali, so, there tends to be a large number of small budget films.

India does produce a lot of very good small budget films, some of them are specific to local tastes..but it also produces a lot of not so very good films, both due to lack of funds, and other factors such as super star phenomenon & for sure lack expertise, lack of discipline etc. The excitement around bahubali was ability to effectively market to pan-india, and do a reasonable blockbuster/grand visual film, but we can’t say we have really arrived with it.

Indian film makers have produced quite a number of rare gems that will/can compare/compete with the best in artistic talent and technical finesse, in the small to medium budget, but we are yet to really crack VFX blockbusters or animation Space






Veerappan Laxman, Engineer, Gamer, Dreamer, likes History, Science, Technology and Peace. Dislikes Politics, Terrorism, Viole...

India - we churn out more films per year for both the domestic and foreign market than even Hollywood and a few other's put together. Combined with technical skills, know-hows, talent available, etc - it is without a doubt that the Indian film industry is better.

The Chinese film industry is quite big but since they primarily operate in 2 languages and Hollywood/Korean film/tv series/song industry dominate in China - it strangles their industrial growth. China is the second largest consumer of Hollywood Products and the biggest consumer of Korean Products in the entertainment industry.




Stephen Thompson, Lived in China for 10 years, speak and write Chinese

India is way better, because it has freedom of expression. China has more money, but without freedom of expression, you can’t make great movies or documentaries. If art has to praise Chinese socialism and the party, it will be garbage, as it was during the Cultural Revolution. Recently Xi Jinping made a speech which reminded me of Mao’s Yan’an forum, saying that art must serve socialism. China is trying to reintroduce socialist art, which means a lot of bad movies will be made, even with huge budgets.

A few years ago, there was a flourishing underground movie and documentary scene in China. Directors like Li Yang produced great films like Blind Shaft and Blind Mountain, even though they were banned in China. Ai Xiaomin made many great documentaries, but it’s getting harder; her films are banned and many of her friends are in jail.

On the other hand, in recent years Bollywood has become a buzzword






Soheb Shaikh

Obviously India



Manmohan Singh, Freelancer

let me help you in simplest way. Mainland China movie industry is better than India



Rajiv Narula

Difficult to answer - till you explain what do you mean by better .

More revenue?

Number of movies made?

Awards won?

That said-

Both industries have left their own mark on the international scene.

Chinese on the martial arts front and Indian on song and dance sequence.

Would hard to find one "better" than another










Avinash Mishra, I have seen a lot of movies.

Better in what way. This question needs more details.

India makes the most movies in the world per year. On the other hand Chinese movies are a lot more popular in the west and make more money. There can be no objective answer to this question.




Vikrant Varma, Born and brought up there.

It's subjective. Both industries cater to their people's interests. Chinese people may find the Chinese film industry better, and Indian people may find their own Indian film industry better. You're the best judge since you know what kind of films you prefer.



Jason Coston, studied at University of Kansas

Whichever one censors less.



Kuntal Majumdar, Batman!!!

India. The question is on 'industry'. This doesn't need any elaboration. Just google it up.



Shuo Yang, Coding peasant and civil economist

Of course China. The movie market is much larger in China than in India. And China has super stars like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Ziyi Zhang, Bingbing Li, Bingbing Fan, famous movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, blabla



Haofei Wang


Chinese movies need to be censored before publishing and there are too many redlines.




Kai Tang

US market 11 billion

China market 8.5 billion

Indian market 2.2 billion




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