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What are some things foreigners believe about India but Indians know are laughably way off?



Ashwini Meena, Made in India

1) Greek :  Is Ganesh Chaturthi Gandhi's birthday ? (Errr)

2) Nigerian: Is Rahul Gandhi Gandhiji's great grandson? (This confusion is quite understandable)

3) Italian: Wow, you have Indian passports? I thought all of you have Brit passports. (This was heights)

4) Brit: In Modern history, when you celebrate Independence day, I think I have a fair idea but can you clarify - whom did you actually get independence from?

P.S.: I have made up by asking my share of crazy questions.

Edit: Adding some questions that I have asked .

1) Me to Nigerian: Have you eaten crocodile meat?

2) Me to Australian : Does everyone in the Aussie land know to swim?










Priyanthika Adinamozhi, Tamil

I have lived in foreign lands for 15 years, here are a few questions a lot of foreigners ask me (no offense to anyone, I love being an international citizen):

  1. Are you mentally prepared to marry a stranger chosen by your parents?

My answer: I am mentally prepared to punch you if you choose to ask me that question again

  1. How many cows do you own?

My answer: I own 13 holy cows

  1. Why do your gods have too many body parts?

My answer: Multitasking is the key to success/ ancestors of X-men mate.

  1. Are you becoming an engineer or doctor?

My answer: You are confined to your close-minded beliefs of Indian career choices and I shall simply walk away before I am intoxicated by this negative energy.

  1. Do you never cut your hair?

My answer: The cutting of my hair is probably more interesting than your current status of life hence I shall reply no, I do not as I am to be Pantene's next growth shampoo model.

  1. Do you speak "Indian"?

My answer: *facepalm* and walks away contemplating on world intellectual status.


  1. 对于嫁给父母喂你挑选的陌生人,你是否有心理准备?


  1. 你有几头牛?



我的回答是:要成功,能同时进行多项任务是关键/ 他们是x战警的前身。

  1. 你想当工程师还是医生?


  1. 你从不理发吗?


  1. 你会说“印度语”吗?


Ricky S, lives in India

How can you forget this? India is a Rapist country, just count the number of ‘rape’in any Indian related news in BBC documentary or any British news, India is the Rape capital of the World.

Lets see where you’ve most chance of being raped.




Ironically UNITED KINGDOM, and many Western countries who thinks INDIA is a rapist country, have much much higher RAPE rate than INDIA.

You have 6 times more chance of being raped in Bangladesh than in India, yet many Bangladeshis think India is a rapist country.

You have 9 times more chance of being raped in France than in India. Yet, France is the romance capital of the world and India is rape capital.

You have 15 times more chances of being raped in USA than in India.

You have 74 times more chances of being raped in South Africa than you are in India.






Stats are pretty amazing, couldn’t add Pakistan but both India and Pakistan have same rape rates of 1.8 and 1.7, earlier Pakistan had more rape rate than India.

Now the country (United Kingdom) and BBC which always claims India is a rapist country have rape rate of 19.1, yet they call India a rapist country.

India is ranked 94th out of 118 countries surveyed, YET, INDIA IS THE RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.




Here’s Other side of the Coin…

Most Rape Cases Reported In India Are FALSE. Here Are Some Shocking Statistics.

Out of the 583 rape cases reported in Delhi in 2013, only 12 were true. Shocked? If you think India is the rape capital of the world, here is a video by Teen Pathar that will change your perception about your own country. Yes, women safety is one of the biggest issues plaguing the nation. Yes, we need to do whatever can be done to ensure that the women in this country don't have to think twice before stepping out. But, in our fight for a safer nation, we've oppressed our women even more, pushing them into a bubble of fear. India isn't as unsafe as the media portrays it to be. It is time we stop being so scared all the time and instead encourage our women to live freely, step out when they want to, wear what they feel like. Sensationalizing rapes in India is clearly not going to help. Let's focus on how to deal with them.



2013年德里报道的583起强奸案中,只有12起是真的。震惊吗?如果你认为印度是世界强奸之都,这段由Teen Pathar制作的视频将会改变你对自己国家的看法。是的,妇女安全是困扰这个国家的最大问题之一。是的,我们需要尽我们所能来确保这个国家的女性在走出家门之前不必三思而行。但是,在我们为一个更安全的祖国而战斗的过程中,我们愈发地压迫我们的妇女,把她们推向恐惧的深渊。印度并不像媒体所描述的那么不太平。我们必须终止一直以来的恐惧,鼓励我们的女性自由生活,想什么时候出门就什么时候出门,想穿什么就穿什么了。印度耸人听闻的强奸案显然于事无补。我们必须关注如何处理这种事了。


Chinmayee Raj, Indian passport holder

They believe Slumdog Millionaire is what entire India is. This is a painfully funny joke.

  • A Brit once asked me, “So, India got Independence in the 20th century right? They got independence from whom, exactly?” I laughed so hard that I cried!
  • I’ve been asked if Indians use horses and bullocks for transportation. I wish I made this up!
  • Someone asked me if India has an airport. You know I’m not exaggerating because someone actually asked this on Quora, on Quora!
  • I have had two pairs of eyes widen when I have spoken fluent English in front of them. They were expecting one accent and I gave them another..haha!
  • Someone wanted me to teach them how to drape a saree…this was absolutely funny because I had to say no. I actually don’t know how to drape a saree.
  • “Do you speak Indian? Can you teach me?” If I had told this guy that I speak 5 Indian languages, he might’ve fainted.
  • “Oh you’re from India! What are you doing in a Biomedical engineering discipline? Aren’t you into IT?” Sure, but who will mess with you then?
  • Taj Mahal was built by an emperor to express his love for his wife. I won’t complain about this, many Indians don’t know the Tejo Mahalya story (The Indian Archaeological Society recently replied to a RTI on this topic please go through the same).


  • 一个英国人曾经问我:“印度在20世纪获得了独立,对吗?那么他们是从哪儿独立出来的?”我笑得不能自已,眼泪都笑出来了!
  • 我被问到过,印度人是否用马和公牛来运输货物。我也希望这是我编出来的!
  • 有人问我印度是否有机场。你知道,我不是在夸张说笑,因为真的有人在Quora,竟然在Quora上问过这个问题!
  • 当我说着一口流利的英语时,我对面那两个人的眼睛都瞪大了。他们以为我肯定会有奇怪的口音,可是我偏偏没有…哈哈!
  • 有人想让我教他们怎么穿纱丽……这真的很有趣,因为我不得不说不好意思。我真的不知道怎么穿纱丽。
  • “你会说印度语吗?你能教我吗?”如果我告诉这个人我会说5种印度语,他可能会晕倒的。
  • “哦,你来自印度!那你读生物医学工程专业干嘛?你不喜欢计算机吗?”当然,但是跟别人有什么关系呢?
  • 泰姬陵是某位皇帝为了表达对妻子的爱意而建造的。我对此没话可说,很多印度人都不知道特约马哈利亚的故事(印度考古协会最近就这个问题作出了回应)。



These are the few questions I have got from non-Indians that I have met.

  1. "I don't mean to be offensive, but why do most Indians smell like curry?" Yes, I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see any other food until I was already grown, by then to me a salad was only more bland,uncooked curry.
  2. This person and I were discussing about the IT industry in the US and discussion veered to India since I am an Indian. The guy asks, "Wait, but does India have a stock exchange like how we have the NYSE?"  Keep in mind, this guy was a graduate in aerospace engineering.  I told him that we still traded with sacks of crops and with cattle.


  1. “我无意冒犯,但为什么大多数印度人闻起来有股咖喱味儿?”是的,我出于印度,长于印度。在我成年之前,我没有看到过其他食物,沙拉对我来说只是比较清淡、未经烹饪的咖喱。
  2. 我和某人讨论美国的IT行业,因为我是印度人,话题转向了印度。那个人问,“等等,印度有像纽约证券交易所那样的证券交易所吗?”记住,这家伙是航天工程的毕业生。于是我告诉他,我们现在还用一袋袋的庄稼和牛进行交易。
  3. "So, you are a master in eating spicy foods, right?" No thank you, I am busy eating jalebi.
  4. "Are you prepared to marry a guy have never met in your life?" This is such a common misconception, though. Arranged marriages don't mean that the day you meet your spouse for the first time is the day you are getting married to him/her.
  5. "The British still rule your country, right? In name only?"

Yeah, every girl and guy on the eve of turning 18 years old has to swear an allegiance to Queen Elizabeth in an oath taking ceremony. The main food is just curry, and then we are married off to the family owning the most cows. Deal with it.


  1. “你准备好嫁给一个素未谋面的男人吗?”但这是一个很普遍的误解。包办婚姻并不意味着你们结婚那天才能见上第一次面。
  2. “英国人仍然统治着你们的国家,对吗?名义上而已?”



Parimal Paritosh, Head Content Writer (2017-present)

We smell like curry.



2.We randomly start dancing on the streets as shown in the Bollywood movies.

2. 我们总是像宝莱坞电影里演的那样,动不动就在街头跳舞。


3.Slums, slums everywhere.

3. 到处可见的贫民窟


4. You can see sages levitating in Haridwar and Varanasi.

4. 你可以看到圣人悬浮在哈里瓦和瓦拉纳西。


5. Each and every one of us know how to charm snakes.

5. 我们每个人都知道如何耍蛇。


6. 100% of Indians understand and speak ‘Indian’ (the substitute for Hindi in the vocabulary of Europeans and Americans)

6. 100%的印度人能听懂、会说“印度安语”(在欧洲人和美国人的词汇中印地安语就是印地语)

7.All Indian men are misogynists and potential rapists.



8.Indian women aren’t allowed to leave their houses alone.

8. 印度女性决不许独自出门。


9. All Indians are brown.

9. 所有的印度人的肤色都是棕色的。


10. All of us like spicy food.

10. 我们都喜欢辛辣的食物。


11. All of us can provide technical support.

11. 我们都是技术员。


12. Non-vegetarians don’t exist in India.

12. 印度就没有不吃素的人。


13. Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri lankans, Myanmaris, Nepalese and Bhutanese are all Indians.

13. 巴基斯坦人、孟加拉人、斯里兰卡人、缅甸人、尼泊尔人和不丹人都是印度人。

14. We travel on cows because cars don’t exist in India. And Fly on Carpets!

14. 我们出门靠骑牛,因为印度没有汽车。还有,我们坐飞毯飞行!

15. Indian Cinema is just Bollywood.

15. 印度电影就只有宝莱坞。

16. Every Indian household is a joint family living in a village.

16. 每个印度家庭都是住在同一个村子里的几代同堂的大家庭。


17. It’s hot and humid everywhere all the time in India.

17. 印度一年到头都很炎热潮湿。


18. Every Indian speaks in heavy accent.

18. 每个印度人的口音都很重。

19. India is Taj Mahal and Taj Mahal is India.

19. 印度就是泰姬陵,泰姬陵就是印度。


20. Indians wobble their head like retards.

20. 印度人摇头摆脑的时候就像智障一样。


Sajitha Manangottu, I am from India

I interact quite a bit with people in the United States as part of my work and have spent enough time there to understand that at least some of them think of us as people from that far, weird and colorful place. This is purely from that stand point:

  1. "You don't have snow in majority of India?? How about rain? Do you get rain?"
  2. "Do you wear colorful glittering clothes everyday?"
  3. They got shocked when i said not every Indian would have seen the Taj Mahal (but almost every Indian who visits US will try his best to make it to  Niagara falls).

I had a tough time convincing some of them regarding the below:

  1. Cow is considered sacred by many, yes, but we don't prostrate in front of every cow we run into and we run into many of them everyday on our roads!


  1. “印度大部分地区都不下雪吗?那雨呢?会下雨吗?”
  2. “你每天都穿着色彩鲜艳、闪闪发光的衣服吗?”
  3. 当我说并非所有印度人都参观过泰姬陵时,他们都很震惊(但几乎每个来美国玩的印度人都会尽可能去参观尼亚加拉瀑布)。


  1. 很多人认为牛很神圣,是的,但是我们不会在遇到的每一头牛面前跪拜,我们每天都会在路上遇到很多牛!
  2. Chai tea is not a thing. Chai = tea. Chai tea = Tea tea. Not a thing.
  3. Not all of us aspire to become Doctors and Engineers and get out of this country.
  4. Not all of our foods smell gross or induce diarrhoea. Its more to do with your sensitive stomachs than our well balanced cooking which is not short of a perfectly solvable chemical equation in itself!
  5. We can handle a spoon, fork and knife. But Indian food tastes best when attacked with fingers. You should try it!
  6. We don't all know to sing and dance. Some of us go through our entire lives without ever humming a tune or shaking a leg in public.
  7. We are Indians. Some of us speak Hindi. None of us speak 'Indian'. Indian is not a language
  8. 印度拉茶不是一种东西。Chai就是印度茶。Chai tea就是印度茶茶。不是一回事。
  9. 并非所有印度人都想成为医生和工程师,离开印度。
  10. 并非所有的食物都很难闻或会引起腹泻。这更多是因为你自己娇弱的胃引起的,跟我们均衡的烹饪方式没关系!
  11. 我们也会用勺子、叉子和刀子。但是印度食物在用手指取用时味道最好。你应该试试的!
  12. 我们不是都擅长唱歌跳舞的。我们中有些人一辈子都没在公共场合哼过歌或抖过腿。
  13. 我们是印度人。我们有些人说印地语。我们都不说“印度语”。印度语并非一种语言。


Desh Raj, Indian.

After a few legs of chicken and some glasses of beer, my Korean professor and I got to talking about how different things were in India and in Korea.

Somehow the topics which started from education came to time zones. Since he had supervised a number of Indian as well as Pakistani students in their masters theses, he was curious about why there was a 30 minute gap in the time zone.

"Raj, tell me something," he said, frowning. "India and Pakistan used to be one country, right? And it's also right above your country. So why do you have different time zones?"

I tried telling him about the difference in longitudes between central India and central Pakistan. I also pointed out that the US spans multiple time zones even though it is a single nation.

But he absolutely refused to listen to logic. "Let me tell you, Raj," he said, "this is because of the animosity and the wars. You can't even share time zones with them anymore."

Needless to mention, I burst into fits of laughter.








Samantha Ryan, Been to India 7 times

  • Endless slums
  • Always wearing fancy dress
  • 贫民窟数不胜数
  • 总是穿着华丽的连衣裙


  • Also that there are endless ashrams and yoga studios
  • That elephants are everywhere. Cows sure, but elephants? Really?
  • 还有数不胜数的静修场和瑜伽工作室
  • 大象无处不在。奶牛当然是随处可见,但大象呢?真的也这样?


  • Call centers on every corner
  • Everyday is Holi
  • 呼叫中心无处不在
  • 每天都是胡里节


  • Crime. All the time everywhere
  • My assistant thought the currency was roofies instead of rupees. I mean, I thought it was rubies the first time I heard it.
  • 犯罪。无时不刻、无所不在。
  • 我的助手以为印度货币是催眠药而非卢比。我的意思是,我第一次听到的时候还以为是红宝石。



Abhishek Maniyar, Just another Indian!

It's been more than a year that I am in Europe (Innsbruck and Rome). I am a student here and my friends are from a wide range of countries. We often have conversations about India and things happening there. So here are some misconceptions they had about India and Indians.

  1. Snake Charmers: India is full of snake charmers and we are masters in this art! I laughed really hard after listening to this first time.
  2. Elephants and cows: There are elephants roaming around in the streets of India. Everybody owns a cow in India.
  3. Chaos: There's is just chaos in India and nothing works properly.
  4. Bollywood: Most of the people think that Bollywood is just music and dancing. I sometimes faced questions like - if actors are dancing at every opportunity in the movies, how are the sad or serious scenes shot? Lol
  5. Food: Every liquid item is curry and every round bread is chapati. Also, Indians just eat spicy food.
  6. Sport: The only sport in India is something like baseball!
  7. Arrange Marriage: Every Indian marries a boy/girl chosen for her or him by parents!
  8. Indian: Language spoken in India is Indian.

There are many more and I will try to add them as I remember them. It's amazing how we can have weird imaginations about a place we have just heard about and never visited. It's always funny though to clear these misconceptions and tell them that India is a normal country like any other developing country!


  1. 耍蛇人:印度到处都是耍蛇人,我们是耍蛇大师!第一次听到这个我笑翻了。
  2. 大象和奶牛:印度的街道上到处都是大象。在印度,每个人都有一头牛。
  3. 混乱:印度就是一片混乱,没有什么事能顺顺利利。
  4. 宝莱坞:大多数人认为宝莱坞只有音乐和舞蹈。我有时会遇到这样的问题—如果演员们在电影中逮住每个机会起舞,那么悲伤或严肃的场景该如何拍摄?哈哈
  5. 食物:每一种带汤的食物都是咖喱,每一种圆形面包都是印度薄饼。而且,印度人只吃辛辣的食物。
  6. 运动:印度唯一的运动是棒球!
  7. 包办婚姻:每个印度人都要跟父母为她或他挑选的男孩/女孩结婚!
  8. 印度语:印度人说的语言是印度语。


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