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Why couldn't India make it to the moon while countries like the USA and Russia succeeded almost 50 years ago? Does that mean India's science and technology is 50 years behind the developed countries like USA?



Pratik Chatse, cogito ergo sum

Because Pakistan did not do it first. Or else we would have been on moon soon



Abhishek Batni, All those who wander are not lost.....

The US and Russia had a Cold War to deal with. They had to prove their respective superiorites, whereas we just don't need to send a probe or people to the moon, even though we did send Chandrayaan. As for the technology, we do have the tech as shown by the above mentioned Chandrayaan and are recent probe sent to Mars



Rama Raju Indukuri, Lived here all my life.. just under tropic of cancer

Its ethical to feed the hungry than send someone to moon



Vishvesh Tadsare

Well India must first fight sanitation, hygiene, waste management, human resource development, infant mortality, child abuse and poverty, patient care etc...... The list goes on and on....

Going to moon is a luxury that only countries that have solved its basic problems can afford!




Aswin Das, Philanthropist, Football enthusiast, Atheist, Car lover

It doesn't mean that India is lagging in science and technology. The only advantage of sending a person to moon is, that he will get a place in our Physics and History text books.



Nita Agarwal, Knows about politics!

Yes we are behind in technology . We only copy and replicate things . R & D suffers due to lack of vision and corruption as a result brain drain of Indians happens


Ankit Singh, Knows a little something about space exploration

We couldn't and are not going to any time soon because we lack the technology to do so. Robert Frost's answer regarding the technology required to go to the moon is pretty insightful, so give it a read. Here's the link: How did we lose the technology to go to the Moon? If it has been built, it can be built again, can't it? What exactly is the problem? Also, we have had other priorities that needed immediate attention. And, since India is a developing country, ISRO never really had the budget to compete with NASA.


译文来源:三泰虎     http://www.santaihu.com/46832.html      译者:Joyceliu

Benefit of manned missions



Source: www.nasa.gov

As one of the answer in the feed notes "It is useless to send a person to the moon", this is an ignorant statement to make, and nothing can be more further from the truth.

For one, robots cannot compete with humans because they are not autonomous. Understand this, they are manually controlled and are provided with a set of instructions to do even the most menial tasks.

Just look at the mars mission, the curiosity rover landed on mars on August 6, 2012, and it reached the 10 km milestone on April 16, 2015. A manned mission any given day would be much more efficient and will  yield much better results.






Soumadeep Mazumdar, I (used to) write long answers.

So, after solving our problems of widespread corruption, mass poverty, public hygiene, discrimination based on caste and creed, female foeticide, frequent rapes and unemployment, we Indians are now judging our development based on our capability to send men to the moon?

Let me tell you a little story which might be analogous to the scenario.

There are three kids at school, USA, Russia and India. USA and Russia are both rich brats who have accomplished quite a lot in their respective fields of academics and sports. The come to school everyday via their dad's limousine and bring fancy food for lunch to avoid the school cafeteria. One fine day, both these superkids decide that they already have a lot in life and it's now time for a girlfriend. So Russia goes ahead and asks out Sputnik. This makes the USA furious, since they were supposed to be brothers and now Russia seems to be winning the contest by leaps and bounds. So, the ever overcompensating USA decides to take it a step further, and does something which would gather a lot of media coverage and appraisal, although being totally useless from a strategic point of view. He asks out a teacher, Mrs. Moon. After years of trying, spending lavishly on her, she finally agrees, and satisfies USA's desperate need to stay at the top of everything, every time.




All the while, Russia and USA were searching for a girl, India could barely, deliver newspapers in the morning to pay for his school, cook for his unemployed, drug addicted father, mourn for his long lost mother, and then walk to school. When he reaches there, he hasn't got the time or energy to gather any interest about what USA and Russia are fighting about. He is too busy running to the school cafeteria to fetch the last morsel of food.

Now the background story to this analogy.

USA and Russia had already proved to the world that they were capable, that they were the superpowers. They surpassed most other countries in technological, social and almost every other aspect. Communication satellites were crucial for development. Russia made an attempt, succeeded. But that was that. It was absolutely unnecessary for anyone to go to the moon, except for proving USA's point that they are better than the Russians. USA took this one way to far ahead to be useful to any end. Just to prove a point, they used their surplus of resources on a project that had no humanitarian value. Just because, "they can".




To sum up,

Recreation comes later. Only when the basic amenities are available. You breathe first, smoke later. Eat first, dine later. Live first, enjoy later.

No, we Indians aren't incapable of sending men to the moon, or in that case to any other planet. There are team members at NASA from India who are still sending men to the moon. Indian physicists worked on the CERN supercollider. There are Indians working at Facebook, Amazon and Google who are just as capable of starting a new company of their own. But we are too tired. After struggling 20 years for an engineering or equivalent degree and trying to keep ourselves in the sun with a population of 1.2 billion, we Indians prefer to enjoy a little of our time cherishing the position we scratched and clawed to achieve. We don't see a point of sending men to the moon just to fulfil our surreal need for approval, when people at home are dying everyday. So, we read some story about some guy who quit his job and created a startup which is now a multi-billion dollar company and wonder, whether Indians are incapable of doing so. That's not the case. We worked too hard to get that job, and we just can't take the risk of quitting and finding another if our startup doesn't work out. We are incapable by force, not by choice.





Kshitij Salgunan, Indian Internet activist

It is basically USELESS to send a person to moon. By useless, I hearby mean that we don't get any new knowledge or new sample or anything useful. The same is the case of sending a person to mars.

We can instead send robots which can collect samples, test them and they can work endlessly there.

Sending a human will also require development in various other technologies like 'life supporting space vehicle' which can be extremely costly.

The cost of sending a single human to moon under current circumstances will be 100times the cost of sending the mars probe (manglayaan). The Govt. of India allocates only a tiny budget for space research, so tiny that it is unbelievable that they were able to make, plan and send a probe to mars!

Read this descriptive answer to know more abut Mangalyaan mission:- What is the breakdown of cost for a space mission like India's Mars mission?








Balaji Viswanathan, Indian by Birth. Indian by Thought.

In the 1960s, the US put all its heart into NASA and the moon mission. There was a big fear that US would lose out to Soviet Union (Russia) in the space race. Such an urgency is the best incentive for scientific development. Resources were poured in and it was the national priority. US spent around $35b in today's dollars year after year.

To put that in context, India spent $1.1 billion on ISRO last year in a year it sent the MARS mission. It has a fraction of the resources that NASA got. However, even NASA has to rely on the Russians to get to the space these days, as the older priorities have gone and the gap between NASA and ISRO is slowly reducing.



Besides that the US had historically imposed plenty of restrictions on ISRO and we had to bootstrap a lot of it without outside help. U.S. SANCTIONS IMPOSED ON RUSSIAN, INDIAN SPACE GROUPS (1992 news). NASA, in comparison, had the best of talent from all over the world.



I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. Our sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.

-- John Adams (Second American President)

Gandhi, Patel, Netaji, Nehru, Rajaji, Shastri and Prasad studied politics and war, so that we have the liberty to pursue mathematics, commerce and engineering. We have started to see the positive effects. If we keep walking that path and do our duty well, our children could study poetry and music.





Hrishikesh Kamat, Indian by Heart

Is going to the moon the only way to infer about some country's technological progress ??

  • India came up with their own Cryogenic Engine when it was refused help.
  • The Agni missile family are devastating and accurate
  • We have nuclear research
  • Majority of the programmers and research people overseas are Indian in origin.
  • The Mangal Yaan was built within a budget less than that of the movie GRAVITY !
  • Indian Engineers are highly demanded in the Industry


  • 当求助无门时,印度独力研发了低温发动机。
  • 火神导弹系列拥有极高的毁灭性和精确性
  • 我们有核武器研究
  • 大多数海外程序员和研究人员都是印度人。
  • 曼加尔的建造预算比电影《地心引力》的预算还要低!
  • 印度工程师在行业中非常紧俏。

I don't think its justifiable to conclude someone's technological progress depending upon moon missions.

There are better ways to spend the same amout of money

Moon missions were taken to explore the moon and not to show technological advancement. Since we already know what is up there. We don't find it reasonable to go up there :P Better let the money stay in Swiss Banks






Nishant Jain, studied at Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

first question should come in mind why usa is able to send man into moon in 1950 and 1960 but after that it fail to send  what is responsibe for ussr and usa becoming so powerful  in 1950 and 1960 in space scientific reserach and but after that it becom weak  reasons for usa and ussr capability to send man into moon in 1950 and 1960 are :-

1 german expertise in rocket : germans are expert in rocket engineering in 1940 germans created powerful rockets in 1940. their roce ket expertise is best in world due to large reserach experience.after germans got defeated ,usa and ussr  take german rocket scientists to their countries to develop powerful weapons .russia and usa was able to develop weapons quickly due to expertise of german scientist . than question come into mind " why usa is able to send man into moon " reason is von braun who is architect of saturn v rocket and most genius german . usa got most capable rocket scientist in world.

2 strong economy of usa and russia : usa and russia economy is very strong at that time that why they were able to afford expensive reserach





Ashish Jagani

Russians never went to the moon.

And US going to moon is still a debate. There are documentaries which proves that they never went to moon.

And does it matters if we send a guy to moon or not. Its not gonna change any thing.

Instead focus all efforts on getting better satellite systems, and sending robots to moon to find source of minerals and other research.






Himanshu Angolkar, Patriot

Because India has so many other issues

  1. To fight against oppressed and backwards.
  2. Religious issues - hindutva is the only solution for complete development of India.
  3. Nationality. To be decided only by few handful people who believe killing of Gandhi was a patriotic act.
  4. Corruption.
  5. Blind faith, superstition, traditions, culture should not be forgotten.
  6. Ram mandir. For development of India
  7. Science is bulls***t because science is against religion. Though these people will use every and each gadget and products developed by science (phone, fan, car, plane, TV etc)

8.Any person or group who is against the above mentioned points should be called anti national.


  1. 反对压迫和逆行倒退。
  2. 宗教问题—推行印度教是印度全面发展的唯一解决方案。
  3. 民族。只有少数人认为刺杀甘地是爱国行为。
  4. 腐败。
  5. 盲目信仰、迷信、传统、文化不应被遗忘。
  6. 为了印度的发展,打击寺庙。
  7. 科学是狗屁,因为科学反对宗教。尽管这些人也离不开应用了各项科技的小玩意儿和商品(电话、风扇、汽车、飞机、电视等)
  8. 任何反对上述观点的人或团体都应被称为反国家者。


Ravi Ranjan, Senior Consultant - Cyber Risk

USA has not gone back to moon in 50 years. Does that mean they have forgotten all their research?

And BTW when did someone from Russia went to moon?




Ansh Kathpalia, Bharat Petroleum | IIM Indore | NIT Jaipur

Why aim for the moon, when we can reach Mars in the first attempt????




Rohit Gulati, Football fanatic,Loving brother,aspiring engineer. Drunk with thoughts

Bro,we had independence about 67 years ago. America had independence 238 years ago. Our premier instituition,namely IIT Kharagpur was founded in 1951. MIT was founded in 1861. We are actually doing better than them in comparison on some points. We support 1.2 billion people here buddy



Faisal Shafi, Interested in Indo-Pak relations

Because of the caste system



Mrigendra Chaubey, harry potter buff.

First think why is there a need for India to go on moon.If that is really important , develop technologically or buy it.



  1. Ajit Gandhi, studied at Be in Ec (2011)

No one is going to the Moon now. Last man to step in was in 1972. Why?

All the Space organizations have realized that going to the Moon doesn’t worth the input it requires. The latest project was Constellation program (2005–09) but was again cancelled by Obama. Reason mentioned was financial.

We have so many conspiracy theories but we should ignore all of them and talk factual.





Varesh Kumar

Russians hasn't been to moon. Only USA has. During cold war russians sent the first man to space so to counter it,  USA lied that they have been to moon.

There are many theories and valid points with proof to support this.  Go on youtube and check out the documentry - have we landed on moon





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