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Why do you hate India?



Revanth Raghupatruni, studied at National Institute of Technology, Calicut (2018)

To be more specific, I can say that mother goddess India is never a place to hate. I’m very happy to write this answer just a day before the mighty independence day but to my perspective it’s a day to question ourselves.

1.Indians are great and they’ve proved that the supreme power lies with the people. Yes, that’s definitely true.

2.Probably the greatest place where car loan is quite less when compared to education loan

3.A land where girls are taught not to go out alone even during the mornings.

4.This is the land where many strive to teach lessons about equality but none of them would be willing to allow their children to marry people from the opposite religion.

5.This is a place where children’s marks in school are valued a lot over their young sports achievements.

6.One stunning country where’s it’s okay to public but a crime to kiss in public.

7.Here, many sportsmen enjoy a single Olympic silver medal by celebrating at their respective software offices.

8.It’s our great land where a person’s virginity is a symbol of character.










The mindset of Indians has to make a transformation and please stop hating our country.

However, the responsibility of transformation lies equally in the hands of elders as well as the youth.




I hate this country and people living in this fucking shit hole.


  1. Pollution population-. Nearly 1.3 billion people in this country. They are making this country filthiest one in the world. I went to Guangzhou, China last month. Also visited Beijing and Hongkong during my trip. I felt wonder seeing the beauty of that country. Are we gonna say population as an excuse to the filthiness surrounding us? Then go to China atleast once in your life. More than 1.5 Billion people over there, but I never witnessed a single Traffic Block, I never witnessed any taxi/auto wala shouting at people. I never witnessed even a piece of paper on the road.
  2. Facilities - Im living in Kerala, the so called God's own country. One among the filthiest state of India. Few months back I saw one handicapped foreigner lady on her wheel chair at Railway station. She mistakenly came to this country/state by hearing the fake tourism advertisements. She was from US, she was expecting walkways for wheelchaired people. Really ? What we have? Footpaths where cars and bikes parked, stray dogs everywhere, open and dirty drainage system. She disappointed and immediately left from this shit hole. In Netherlands there are seperate roads for bicycle riders, here damaged roads for all the vehicles. We can't even dream for good roads in near future



  1. 污染和人口。这个国家有近13亿人口。他们正在把这个国家变成世界上最肮脏的国家。我上个月去了中国广州,还顺道去了北京和香港。看到那个国家的美丽,我感到十分惊奇。我们是不是要把人口多当成我们环境脏乱差的借口?那你这辈子起码得一趟去中国。中国有超过15亿人口,但我从来没有看到过交通阻塞,从来没有看到出租车/汽车冲着行人大声响喇叭。我在路上连一张纸片都没见过。
  2. 基础设施—我住在喀拉拉邦,所谓的神的领地。却是印度最脏的邦之一。几个月前,我在火车站看到一位坐着轮椅的残疾的外国女士。她听信虚假的旅游广告后来到了这个国家这个邦。她来自美国,她以为她能坐着轮椅在人行道上行走。真的吗?我们有啥?人行道上停着汽车和自行车,到处都是流浪狗,没有井盖的肮脏的排水系统。她大失所望,马上离开了这个烂地方。在荷兰,有单独的道路给骑自行车的人通行,而这里所有的道路都被损坏了。我们都不敢期待在不久的将来能有铺好的道路。
  3. Politicians - What is the job of a politician ? As per my understanding it is to serve people and nation. What they are actually doing? Serving party and there own family. I read one news few weeks back, that India's GDP increases it is going to be a superpower and overtake China. I laughed my shit out reading this
  4. Indian fucking Railway - If you want to witness what filthiness is, just travel atleast 50 km in a general compartment. I visited Serbia once, I think Serbia is a country whose gdp and other stuffs are lesser than India, I travelled in Train there. I felt wonder how neat and tidy there railway system is, ours not at all dirty it is opposite to something called Punctual. We cant ever expect a Train in time.


  1. 印度的垃圾铁路—如果你想亲眼看看什么是脏乱差,只要在普通车厢里旅行至少50公里就足矣。我曾经访问过塞尔维亚,我认为塞尔维亚是一个在GDP和其他方面都不如印度的国家,我是坐火车去塞尔维亚的。那儿的铁路的干净整洁程度令我惊奇,我们的火车跟准点没半毛钱关系。我们决不能指望火车准时到达。



Because I was fucking looted on crowded moving train and no one gave a shit.

I prefer to be anonymous here because I know many Indians would then begin to attack me on my views towards your nation. You may think it's your prerogative to defend your national culture and views but some things really need a change.

I'm from Israel.

I was traveling from Jodhpur to Agra en’route to the Taj. I was traveling in 3 AC coach. On the way a transgender entered our coach and forcibly begin to confiscate money from travelers. Although she/he was satisfied with Rs 10 from other travelers, I was ripped off for Rs 4000 may be due to foreign looking appearance. Though I initially resisted giving money to her, she began to get closer on my body. I slapped her first but she grew fierce. Finally I had to take out money but she was nowhere to satisfy at Rs 10, 50, 100. Looking at my wallet, she snatched it and took away couple of notes of Rs 2000. No one around me dared to stand against her. May be they were cowards or they looked afraid of her. I was so furious that if this were Israel, I would had shot her with the gun I carry daily.

Note: No hatred towards other Indian friends. They helped me lot in other times.







Sai Sitaram, Structural Engineering, Msdian from 2005, Atheist

Let me introduce myself.

I have completed my B.Tech in 2017 from civil engineering branch. I am preparing for Gate, SSC je and other examinations.

Unfortunately my Gate exam didnt go well even after 1 year of dedicated preperation. Being from general category it won’t fetch me a job.


我2017年读完了土木工程部的本科专业。我正在准备Gate, SSC je等考试。



Here comes the story. Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) has released a notification for recruitment of 18 civil engineers.

Hate 1:


可恨之处 1:


Out of the 18 posts, only 8(<half) are unreserved. What was the mistake i have done to get this discrimination?

This is real racial discrimination. Every other discrimination is far better than this.

Hate 2:



可恨之处 2:


750 and 0 are two extreme values. How come an SC/ST student need not pay any money for writing exam and me paying 750 from my parent’s pocket?

How you are arranging exam center and computer facilities for them without paying anything?

Means the great Indian government is making us pay for them by sucking our blood. God help us!!!!!

Being from a middle class family, my father has somehow arranged the money. What about the poor kids from general category?

One of my friend didn’t apply just because of 750 rupees application fee.



意思是伟大的印度政府要我们为他们出钱,让他们吸我们的血对吗。愿神帮助我们! ! ! ! !



Hate 3:

My exam was scheduled at 3:00pm on 15 th april. I have prepared very seriously till 13th and booked a train in tatkal and reached hyderabad by 14th morning. I went to my relatives home to stay for one day before exan so that my mind can get some peace of mind instead of travelling on the exam day.

This is the one news that shattered all my hopes

可恨之处 3:




How can they cancel an exam written by more than one lakh students just before the day.

People travel by trains, book hotels etc.,

The exam was cancelled by central ministry due to their own technical faults.

I have lost 3000 rupees for the to and fro journey. I lost my time, my hopes, hardwork.

What shall i say to my father now? I took 4000 from him including application fee. He brought it from somewhere else. Who ate this money?

Yes, the exam will be reconducted but my dedication will not be the same after all this.

I am a fresh B.Tech graduate, this is the first time i am experiencing this issue. I have read that such things happen every year.

I can’t imagine the situation of a poor general category student who is giving hard preperation for 3 to 4 years and facing such situations.









I hate this!!!

Future Bill gates leaving this country due to this reason. Others who are incapable of working are in the major positions deciding the fate of my nation.

I love my county a lot in every way, but this is the only thing i hate about it.

我讨厌这种事! ! !




Anjana Nair, Indian by birth, South African mods added

I don't hate a country. That would be ridiculous.

But there is a certain type of Indian that really makes me roll my eyes. You know this Indian. We all do.

This is the person that constantly shares pictures of dead soldiers and the gruesome details of their murders by Pakistani soldiers.

This is the person who writes long passages on how shallow and silly the country is because we share pictures of Priya Prakash Warrier or what complete and utter retards we are for not memorising lists of dead martyr's names. This is the Indian who carries a not-so subtle disdain for “others” not as enlightened as they are, “others” who are cheap and petty and not patriotic as they are.

This is the Indian who slams you for asking why we should stand up for the national anthem in theatres.






This is the Indian who will continue to piss in public places, litter in public places and join an MNC to earn a hefty salary, stay silent while their family members accept dowry and use caste as a mark of pride. This is the Indian who will never see the inside of an Army barrack, nor comfort the grieving widows of the martyrs they shed digital tears for. This is the Indian, who lives not in the reality of India, sees not the reality of India, learns not the diversity of India, who shoves their head so far into the sand that they truly believe they are the only patriotic, sensible and Incredible Indians™ out there. Everyone else is a shallow, sickular libtard, hypocrites, normies, weak-willed and disgusting celebrity stalkers who drink the blood of soldiers on the border.

Your patriotism should not rest on the degradation of the country you live in.





I am born a wrong gender. I don't hate my country,In fact I wanted to join armed forces as a child to serve my people.

Unfortunately, I am a girl. See no problem? Here's the problem- I am born as a girl in India.

God can I see one day, just one day I beg you when I don't find middle aged men, who maybe more than twice my age, also having daughters or grand daughters my age stare at me. Now if there are any men reading this they probably think this is some minor issue and its just staring and stuff but have you ever found yourself to be the reason your parents are praying(begging) to God for your safety whenever you travel by public transport alone? What do you do when you have to face this EVERY single day.






Kunal Shah

No ethics - despite being home to Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikkhism the people there have very poor ethics. In fact the country has become so bad that if you do the right thing you get into trouble, if you do something unethical you get applauded and are considered to be “intelligent”

Lack of civil sense - apparently many of them have not learnt how to speak on the phone, if and when to take a selfie, where to cough…, if they spot an NRI they would want to get married to him so quickly.

Impoliteness - Self explanatory




Being effing cheap - surely not all of us have the money, but even when they have money they still behave very badly. If they book a hotel room they are sure to steal away tissue paper, soaps… paisa vasoor - idiots

Hypocrisy - cows are considered holy, but are still allowed to eat trash from the streets and some even die due to the plastics they eat?

Pollution - Air pollution, land pollution, sound pollution, it takes over 100 years to clear out the pollution off the atmosphere, water bodies…

Poor sense of respect - they shall disrespect you not due to casteism, sexism… they just haven’t learnt to behave well with others.







Saurav Singh

Hate this thing about India.

As question is why do you hate India so I'll not be lollygagging things that I love about India and make it a diplomatic answer I'll be straightforward.

Indian Journalism

This thing pisses me off.

Journalism used to be one of the oldest and honorable occupation in India. But now the journalism in India has plummeted beyond all level of Integrity.

Take recent examples from Sridevi's death









‘Exaggeration' nobody… nobody…nobody does it better







Yeah Virtual mathematics lesson of Height and Distance



Well I always admired cartoonist they bring more sense than ‘Camera Mike wali media'





Brayan chanambam, lives in India

1.If you a wear short and top showing boobs , you are a bitch

2.If you have tattoos , coloured hair, or wear torn jeans you are a bad character

3.If you wear a bulletproof glass and , have a nerdy hair full oiled and your pants hang down from your heart ,you are a good child

4.Engeneering and medicine are the only good courses .All other courses are rubbish.Indian parents mentality

5.If you love rock or dance_ you are wasting your time

6.everything is a copy, bollywood from hollywood , indian idol from american idol..even the names..

7.people shit and urinate everywhere .Roadshits smell worse than a public toilet

8.Corrupted government , corrupted politicians and corrupted people

9.people treat filmstars ,cricketers and politicians like god . No equality

10.Feminism- 99.9 females are feminist and think too high of themselves

wat can i say …never ends…













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