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Do East Asian girls dislike dating Indian(Who are also Asian) guys? If so, why?




In general, yes. I'd retort that Asian girls, who date Indian guys are the exception, not the rule. As a Chinese male with plenty of attractive Asian female friends who get propositioned frequently, I've discussed racial preferences with many of them, and the consensus is that they overwhelmingly prefer Asian or, in some instances, Caucasian males.

Based on my discussions, the various reasons that Asian girls shy away from Indian males are, in order of importance:

(1) Just as I'm not attracted to Indian girls, Asian girls are just naturally not attracted to Indian guys. I'm personally drawn towards fair skin, as are many of the girls I know. Indians also tend not to have athletic bodies. Most, but not all, individuals have some sort of subconscious preferences.

(2) Odor. One girl, when I questioned why she strictly dates Asian males, responded, "Everyone else stinks when they sweat, and I can't stand it." The hairy-ness is another turnoff.






(3) Culture. There's little overlap between the two cultures to the naked eye. In fact, I'd argue the two are quite far apart. When I consulted with a friend whether I should take a girl out to an Indian restaurant, for instance, he fervently and immediately rejected the proposal, saying, "Are you crazy? Asian girls despise Indian food. Take her there if you want to leave a god-awful first impression and don't want a second date."

(4) Sneaky characters. As the other Anon noted, there is a wide conception in the Asian community that Indians are sneaky, take credit for work they didn't perform, and backstab others. My friend at a top law school very specifically mentioned that she'd never date an Indian because she and her dad have been backstabbed by Indians either at work or at school.

Of the above, I'd say (1) is most definitely the key determinant in the majority of cases. And while they may not be the most politically-correct justifications, there's a reason why we rarely spot Asian girls with Indian guys.






Some don't like Indian (and similar looking) men. A good amount of Asian women, including myself and my friends, do feel that way actually despite whatever the other answers say here. I don't deny that there are some Asian women who like Indian men. But I do point out that many don't, especially those whose values more closely align with East Asian values.

Quite simply, just too big of a difference.



1.Body odor: Many East Asians have a gene that stops the production of bacteria in the underarm, hence having no body odor. Sometimes Indian men don't wear deodorant and emit a strong body odor. Body odor indicates to us that someone isn't clean. Huge turnoff to many Asian women who like being clean.

2.Facial hair: The ideal man for many women in Asia has no facial hair. Many Indian men have stubble or full on beards. Turnoff.

3.Value in women: There is an unfortunate stereotype that Indian men look down on women as inferiors and that they are expected to be submissive. Combined with the above, big turnoff.

I am not saying all Asian women feel this way. But I am telling you that a good amount do. I don't want to sugar coat it and say they're the minority either. These are the biggest reasons they don't like Indian (and similar looking) men so if you're looking to impress, I'd suggest addressing those reasons.






I live in Japan so I will answer from a perspective of a person who has seen what Japanese girls tend to prefer.  Japanese girls in general are not attracted to Indian guys in general.  It is a little different from Indian people in the US, as there are some American born Indians in the US, where in Japan there are a lot of Indian guys from India.  In Japan India is seen as the developing country, and their culture is very different.  Japanese people are very polite so they won't show their dislikes toward a particular culture or a group of people in an obvious way, but it is pretty safe to say most Japanese girls won't be attracted to Indian guys.  There may be very small number of people who may date Indian guys but majority of Japanese girls will not be attracted to Indian guys, mainly because of:


1) Food (too spicy and too different) - while some people love Indian food in Japan, many people don't want to eat Indian food everyday if they are a couple as the food tend to be too spicy and very greasy for a daily staple.

2) Body Odour - this may be related to Indian Food or their very spice heavy food culture, but they tend to have very strong BO and some girls are put-off by the smell.

3) Culture - women like if they can relate to their culture and their culture seems to be too different and not relatable.

4) Facial Hair and their general attractiveness - I am sure there are some handsome Indian guys out there but ones I have seen in Japan, most of them are not very attractive and they tend to have a lot of body hair much more than Japanese males.  Actually darker males are considered attractive by some Japanese women but their darker complexion is a bit too dark for their liking by most standard or too brown.

5) Body Type - most Indian men tend to be overweight or heavier or even obese by Japanese people's standard, and majority of Japanese girls will not be attracted to overweight men (some will I am sure but not many).






I see a lot of white guy and Japanese girl couples but it is very rare to see Indian guy and Japanese girl couples.  Some parents in Japan do not like their girls to marry someone of colours (especially blacks, but some hispanics maybe Indian would come to this category as well), but it will be ok if they are to marry white person if he happens to be respectful to Japanese culture, although some traditional parents do not like when their daughter marries a guy who is not Japanese.  I recall a scene where there were a Japanese woman and her child looking half black.  Everyone who passes by them would look at the woman and her child like they have never seen anything like that before, and some would stare the child for a long time.  I was not raised in Japan so I was quite surprised when I saw people staring the child for such a long time...I am sure they didn't mean to be offensive but probably they have never seen anything like that so they probably couldn't help themselves.




I'm an American-born Asian female. I find many Indian men attractive, for better or for worse. Studies show that people tend to like people who look like themselves. Indian people's facial features are actually quite similar to mine -  tall noses, large eyes, and "sharp" bone structure. Many people of Southern Chinese descent actually have these non-stereotypical facial features. Unlike people born and raised in Asia, I do not find the dark skin unattractive - I barely even pay attention to that. I've read that in the US and UK, we're fairly blind to skin tone. (There's still racism, of course, but we don't tend to think dark skin is ugly.) Indian Americans and I tend to share the same culture and background - immigrant parents, good education, hippie dippie leanings (after all, the hippies were greatly influenced by India), intellectual and cultured interests, curiosity, interest in style and the arts, and a more open-minded view of things.

That said, Indian men vary greatly, like men of all races.

I have to say though, that in my observations, Indian men are more likely to find East Asian women attractive than the other way around. This is because East Asian women have widely been seen/stereotyped as a desirable group, while Indian men do not have this level of desirability in popular culture. I wish this could change.






I am someone born and brought up in India, I came to the US and I find women with oriental features very attractive. I was hesitant for a long time, to ask Asian woman out. In fact in a lot of other forums I found similar stuff.

"they like white men...", "they would never date Indian men...","they like men with money..." etc.

I still gathered courage and asked a Chinese girl out, she was a classmate. She said yes without hesitation. People say that Asian woman gravitate towards fair skin and money. I am not very fair skinned. I am an average looking guy. I am not very rich in America. In fact I was quite broke.

But then I thought, it could be just this girl, maybe she was open-minded. So, then I asked a Japanese woman out and then a Korean. Yes, I found out that they like having pale skin and having money but they had no problem in dating Indian men. In fact, I think that they were nicer to me than most Indian woman have been.

The Bottom Line is an Asian woman is just like any other. She will date you if you are confident, interesting and make her laugh. So stop reading Quora and go ask her out.







Amy Maddox, I guess I know

Well to the one who even searched for this question let me clear your poor geography that India is a part of Asia so stop differentiating India and Asia as two different please.

Getting back to the question (the wrong question) "Asian girls" don't like the TYPICAL "Indian guys".

I am a total Indian(ASIAN)girl (as in born and brought up in India) and even after being an Indian girl I don't really like those typical Indian men because:-

Reason 1-the typical ones think women are inferior.

Reason 2-they themselves don't like anyone except an Indian girl.

Reason 3-they have pot belly.

Reason 4-they are kinda werewolf type you know, hairy and have that stink.










I'm East Asian (living in the US) and half the men I date are East Indian. I actually prefer the East Indian men over the European men (for some reason I don't really date US caucasian men) because the cultural differences is not as extreme as the East Asian-European coupling.

Of course, I'm selective; I go out with the really bright ones (this goes for all men I date, not just the East Indians) and ones with good hygiene. I've also found that I get along much better with the men who immigrated to the US no later than their mid-20's. If they came to the US in their 30's or within the past 5 years, they have not integrated enough into society.

Advise to Indian men: use deodorant. If you smell bad, women won't go out with you






No. In fact a lot of Asian girls I know prefer Indian guys, actually. Many of these girls also prefer white guys (to a lesser extent). I'm an Asian female and I'm dating an Indian guy.

They have a lot of the same bone structure as white males and our cultures are more alike so that is one less hurdle to jump over. We both value education a lot and academia. We both are large minorities in STEM fields. Naturally, we frequently gravitate towards each other.

There is, however, the perception that Indians can be "sneaky" (get into shady business deals, etc) that has somehow propagated in East Asian culture. I know my own mother warned me against dating Indian guys before I left for college for this reason. However, clearly this was not a big deal, because she has no problem with my current boyfriend.





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