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Who would win a war between Vietnam and India, if they were neighbors?


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Bhavik Vala, An Indian away from india !

My friend i would suggest you to brush up your history regarding india and Apperantly you will come across a fact that India has never invaded any nation first.

We follow our ethics and belive in protecting ourselves, not to threaten others with nukes.

Hypothetical if war situation arises,

By winning war, India has nothing to gain but many things to loose






Md Kamrujjaman, Researcher, finding out the real facts

Definitely India.

But now war is not a matter of two countries. Other countries will engage themselves with this war. So huge damage would be the result of war.

But finally India will win the war





Devan Nayar, former Administrative

I dont know. Indian soldiers are very brave. The Vietnamese are gritty warriors who have defeated almost all major powers one time or the other. China, France, US etc



MAYANK TIWARI, lives in New Delhi (2011-present)

What makes you think India can/may go war with Vietnam? Or did you asked a question just for the sake of asking!!!



Manikanta Palo, Project Management Executive at Kinfra (2018-present)

Why would India first of all have a war with Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the strategic allies in South China sea region and it is important for India to maintain cordial relations with countries in that region and India does maintain friendly relations with them.


Jagdish Prasad Mathuria, Resident of the northern part of India

This is straightforward.

For comparison I may tell you that it took India 13 days in 1971 to liberate Bangladesh.

Now, when you talk about Vietnam it is NON-NUCLEAR but India is.

Indian army is many times the size of Vietnam.

Added to that there really is not a lot of tech in the Vietnamese army.I say that it should not take more than a fortnight for India to defeat Vietnam ( no offense please ) and this ignoring nukes.







Tushar Mohta, "I love my India"

In a feud between two brothers the lawyers win. In a war between Vietnam and India China, Pakistan and other not so India-friendly nations will win.

Indian-Vietnam relations give them edge over trans-Indian Ocean military and tactical decisions. Both countries have established good rapport with each other in terms of trade. A fracture in the ties will be detrimental to both the nations. India would have less voice in south-eastern Asia. Vietnam would lose an important international friend.

Statistically speaking India would win in the war.





George Thomas (Ted) McNabb, Security/Technology/History consultant

Vietnam - population around 86,000,000 and roughly 450,000 active military members and DOES NOT have nuclear weapons.

India - population around 1,293,057,000 and roughly 1,408,551 active military members and DOES have nuclear weapons.

Do the math for yourself.





Ratul Dasgupta

This is again one of those stupid questions on Quora that shouldn't even be answered.

India and Vietnam are one of the strongest strategic allies in South Asia. If ever there is any attack on any of these two countries, the other one will most likely come out in strong support of the defender.




Sashank Reddy, works at Neato Robotics

The invading force is likely to lose. Both nations are tenacious when threatened. Both nations also have a history of not being agressors. So its going to be in favor of the defenders. However, India does have the advantage of higher resources and vetter trained professional military giving an advantage to India



Dee Ra, Grew up in India

I am not really aware about the political friends and enemies of Vietnam. But if such a war were to happen, the end result would depend on whether it is an isolated war between the said countries or a proxy war of other bigwigs using India and Vietnam as their guinea pigs.


Steven Gaudry

Highly impractical as neither has the logistics or vessels to transport troops and equipment that distance.



Dk Sardana, lives in New Delhi (1990-present)

Why should there be a war between these two friendly countries?Hypothetical question.



A.V. Dagaonkar, BE MBA Sr Management Expert (1970)

They cannot by geographical separation.

Secondly because of very nice and cordial relationship between government of both countries since 50′s

Like that we can have imaginary wars between stars and planets

India is now strong and developed

Vietnam people could not be defeated by mighty western powers

Better we develop more trade and all other relationships







Aaron Cochrane, worked at Liberal Party of Canada

soldiers: india: 4.2 million vietnam: 5.4 million

tanks: india: 4,400 vietnam: 1,500

fighter jets: india: 676 vietnam: 76

aircraft carrier: india: 3 vietnam: 0

destroyers: india: 11 vietnam: 0

submarine: india: 15 vietnam: 6








indian soldiers



vietnamese soldiers



indian tank



vietnamese tanks



indian fighter jet



vietnamese fighter jet




indian navy





vietnam navy


an invasion would be bloody on both sides, but india has the nukes



Mohan Dudha

The invader would lose. Both these countries fight ferociously, creatively and endlessly when attacked. Both are used to the concept of national sacrifice.

A different issue is that India has a lot of warm feelings for Vietnam, which appear to be reciprocated. India and Vietnam would much more likely to be extremely friendly neighbours. Indian public opinion would never support any form of action against what is perceived to be a friendly, predominantly-Buddhist nation with whom India has had a millennial scale relationship. If I were redesigning the world as an Indian, I would pick Vietnam as a neighbour.





John Wagner, Owner of Trucking Company..sole Proprietor. at Wagner Trucking (1986-present)

As usual the victors are always the same. Arms dealers, undertakers, and the worms.

All such questions receive this standard reply.




Jacques Văn Khải, Vietnamese by blood, Vietnamese by thought

I don’t think Vietnam can win India if we are requested to fight them. We can’t win. But we can manage to make Indian military suffer very high casualties.



Devan Nayar, former Administrative

I cant see that scenario ever happening . Vietnamese and Indians respect and like each other and they face a common threat from China.



Rohit Kumar, works at NTT Data

No one wins a war, all parties involved lose - some lose less and some lose more.

That being said, Vietnam doesn't have NUKES.




Sameer Sharma, lived in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

China will win



Jacques Văn Khải, Vietnamese by blood, Vietnamese by thought

Ehhhhh if India and Vietnam go to war, the Indians can smash our country down. Not just only having better armed and better equipment, Indian Armed Forces is now the 4th strongest in the world. India has nuclear bombs as well. Indians are professional and masters of warfare too. Add: India also has aircraft carrier and high-tech weapons with drones. Vietnam is just 17th, long step to go.

They have more experienced troops who work in the UN missions which Vietnam is just recently added ourselves to participate on it.

However, while we can’t match India in military power, we will definitely show them to remember who are Vietnamese. We can definitely make the Indians to suffer heavy damages and Indian tanks to Indian jets shall be suddenly shot down.

To remember: Vietnamese sappers are also professional soldiers, who can blow up every Indian ammunition and sudden strikes which led Indians to suffer heavy casualties.

So, be fair - India can smash Vietnam so easily, but, Indians should prepare ton of body bags.







Jay Desai, studies at Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (2019)

This is not going to happen because both have Friendly relations.



But let's assume that war Happens ;

  • In the initial days there will be more fighting between Air Forces and Navy.
  • Once the fight enters mainland Vietnam Indian Army will find it tough in battles over there as it will a completely new terrain for India. Moreover the highly charged Vietnamese forces will launch hit and run attacks on Indian Army.
  • The UNSC will try to negotiate the ceasefire.


  • 战争开始时,空军和海军的战斗会比较多。
  • 一旦战火燃至越南大陆,印度陆军会意识到战争很艰苦,因为这对印度来说是全新的地形。此外,斗志昂扬的越南部队将向印度军队发起游击战。
  • 联合国安理会将设法通过谈判实现停火。


  • The war will ultimately end in status quo as none of the Forces can defeat the other nor they intend to.

No one will actually win this kind of war because neither have any proper information about the other forces nor any idea about the terrain in which they will fight.

  • 战争将最终以维持现状而告终,因为任何一方都无法打败对方,也不打算打败对方。



Ayushi Mishra, Self-employed

India will win by sure. Vietnam buys weapons from India so they will soon reach out of armor. Vietnam army is relatively very small against India. If you say that Vietnamese are very tough, then I think you forgot about lonewala etc. Indian army too is very tough to be at fight with. Indian army have too more experience in war as it has evolved in many wars since Independence.

But I found this type of war not to happen. Because if India did so, it will lost one of it's major ally against China




Sandeep Yadav, Indian by birth

Depends on your definition of ‘win’.

If by win, you mean to stop and decimate an attacking army, India will win any day.

But if by win you mean, to put boots on ground, capture the territory and occupy it for a long period, establish some kind of government, then neither side are going to win. India is just too big and populous for Vietnam to even try. But Vietnam has also proved in past that how tough it will be for any invading army to beat it on it’s own ground. And that was just one half of Vietnam while it’s other half supported US.

Now that Vietnam stands united, it will be even more difficult.






Tushar Mohta, "I love my India"

In a feud between two brothers the lawyers win. In a war between Vietnam and India China, Pakistan and other not so India-friendly nations will win.

Indian-Vietnam relations give them edge over trans-Indian Ocean military and tactical decisions. Both countries have established good rapport with each other in terms of trade. A fracture in the ties will be detrimental to both the nations. India would have less voice in south-eastern Asia. Vietnam would lose an important international friend. Consequently, ante of the above two would win by the war.

Statistically speaking India would win in the war.





Saad Mohammad, lived in New Delhi

As an Indian. Its my moral duty to say India will win. But, considering the past events. I will not jump to conclusion, if we take war to Vietnam, it would be a tough call. As we remember, the war between murica and Vietnam. The dense forest, the harsh conditions and gorilla tactics and familiarity of locals with the ground can make a tough war. But, on the other hand. War tactics have changed in past few years. War from Air is definitely gonna bring some boost up to Indian side.


I don't wish something like this ever happens




Huynh An

Question: Who would win a war between Vietnam and India?

This is a hard-to-answer question. Indian military power is far superior than Vietnamese. In fact, Vietnam buys weapons from India. However, Vietnamese military can possibly outplay Indian military if the war takes place in Vietnam. It would not be the first time Vietnam outplays someone in her territory




Graham Troy

India is the fourth greatest military on the planet.



Zilin Wang, former China Medical

Instead of fighting Vietnam directly, the Indian government requests their ally, Bangladesh, to stop the Vietnamese advance on Kohima and Imphal. The Vietnamese Army and the Indian-allied Bangladesh Army face off at Pathein, at the mouth of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. The Bangladesh Army consist of Rakhine auxiliaries while the Vietnamese Army has the assistance of its Laotian allies. The Bangladesh strength is 148,000 troops and 5,000 Rakhine allies. The Vietnamese Army is 122,000 with 30,000 Laotian allies. No Indian troops are present at the battle.



Haiyan Chen

I think Vietnam will win. Take a look at the history of the two countries. Although China has fought countless wars with Vietnam, we must admit that Vietnam is a country that is good at Jungle wars and guerrilla warfare. And India, they may be bigger, but they don't have a good record of the war.

And, if India invaded Vietnam, China might help Vietnam. I'm not kidding. China may not like Vietnam, but more do not want to see more India territory around china.




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