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How strong is China’s copying ability?



Ashish Trikha, works at NTT Data

My Mom used to tell me a story about the copying ability of China.

So here it goes…

Once a company from US gave an order of jeans manufacturing to some Chinese company. And as per the agreement the US company has to send a sample piece of the Jeans & the raw material.

The sample piece was sent to China via a Cargo ship & on the way but somehow a mouse managed to chew on that sample Jeans.

When the sample reached China it had a small hole of irregular shape. The Chinese Company saw the Sample & started manufacturing exact replica’s of the jeans.

And they made all the Jeans with exact same shape & size holes.

On the delivery inspection when the american company objected as the pieces are defected, then the Chinese company showed the original sample with that hole & as per the agreement they have to make exact replica’s.

I still wonder what that US company did after this disaster, maybe they invented the torn jeans. :P

P.S. - This story is not to demean anyone, it's just about their copying ability (How perfectly they made the exact same hole in all jeans).










Kevin D. Aslan, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster

Yekutiel Sherman was an entrepreneur with a great idea he spent a full year developing: an iPhone case with an integrated selfie-stick.

Yekutiel Sherman是一个很有创意的企业家,他花了整整一年的时间来开发一个iPhone手机壳,配有自拍手柄。


He drew up the prototypes, put in some money to prove it worked, and did the logical thing: he launched a Kickstarter campaign.

But one week into the campaign, which wasn’t even close to over, he discovered that his product was already for sale on Taobao (China’s closest equivalent to Amazon/Ebay).


China had seen the idea, loved it, and gone ahead and produced it. They even kept the name he came up with, Stickbox, and in some cases even used his picture.

You have to feel bad for the guy but at the same time… damn that’s some impressive copying skill.







Michael Georgiades, Love reading on all subjects, from fiction to philosophy.

There was a BusinessWeek article some time back that addressed this issue. When a Western company entered the Chinese market and started building a new factory, another identical factory with the exact same specifications, tolerances, and machinery was secretly been constructed using the same layouts, materials, architectural plans, etc. So for example, if Nike built a new plant, a clone was being constructed as well, pumping out Nike footwear in secret, without having to pay royalties.

The best example though of China’s ability to copy was in the new about 5 years ago. A clone of an Apple store was discovered in Shenzhen, where even the employees working there thought they were working for Apple.

Of course, the most famous Chinese clones have to be their new Aircraft carrier and their new stealth aircraft, which are clones of the F-22 and F-35 raptors.





Vignesh Sekar, studied at Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

India made a big move by scrapping the old currency notes and introducing the new 500 Rs & 2000 Rs notes.

Before even we were able to get the new currency notes, we could see the copied wallets with these new rupee designs in the market, that were made in China.

Demonetization announced in India - 8 November 2016, 21:00.

Copied wallets available in Indian market - 18 November 2016, 23:00.

So strong is their copying, manufacturing and marketing capabilities.



印度废钞令发布时间- 2016年11月8日,21:00。

印度市场上开始出售这种钱包- 2016年11月18日,23点。



Prashant Pandey, 500+ movies, none of the Bollywood crap.

Very strong. A country’s copying ability is directly proportional to its manufacturing ability. Given China’s manufacturing prowess, replicating a product an easy task for them. This is reflected in the way they shamelessly copy everything, from Apple Stores (yes, an entire freaking store) to the F-22.

This power would be transferred automatically to India and South American nations in the next ten years. The reason? These countries are the next mega-factories of the world.




Alan King, former Fully Retired

China has fantanstic “copying” ability. That is nothing to be ashamed of. To be able to copy high tech as well as complex devices is nothing to laugh at. Only a few countries is capable of such “coying” skills: USA, Russia, China, Japan, Germany and perhaps France. I am not even sure I would add UK on the list.

China ranks the top among all nations on this, and along with their native creativity and artistic ability, they will lead the future world in all kinds of things, from infrastructure to personal devices.

Yes, it’s probably not an answer you like, is it ?




Sunil, studied at Hyderabad, India

I was working In China, and was showing my colleagues pictures of Indian wedding, and in Indian wedding the bride takes toe ring.



The toe rings in India are usually made of silver and worn in pairs on the second toe of both feet and almost every woman take it after marriage. One of our Chinese colleague like these toe rings and it was something that they have never seen before and wanted a pair and asked me to get one for her when I am back in India.

When I was in India and she reminded me not to forget to get her toe rings and have asked me to get 10 more for her friends and other colleagues, so I stopped by at a famous Jewellery store in Hyderabad on the way to airport on the way back to China. I picked a dozen of toe rings and gave them all to my colleagues and they were excited to see and was happy to wear them and then when they looked at the price tag to pay me back and that is the time when I and they read on the tag “Made in China”. So for basic Chinese who have no Idea what toe rings are and have never seen them, Chinese also manufacture them and export them to other countries.

There was this another Instance when I was in Nice, France for business visit and have been to an Indian souvenir store filled with the idols of Indian gods, necklaces, typical Indian culture things but most of them had a tag Made in China.





Pradeep Choudhary, Research student. at Ministry of Finance, India (2017-present)

Strong. Very Strong. Strongest!

Have a look

1.World’s Most luxury car : Rolls Royce






and now the Chinese version for just 14000 euros.



such a precision in copying activites.

There is no question for their ability to copy. These guys totally excel in that.

Every luxury car you can name, Chinese replica market has got the same in their stock.

Go on , have a look ahead.





2.Eiffel Tower in Paris :



Now the Chinese version



Amazed right.?

Oh ! there is a lot more coming.



  1. Rolex watch: Very very expensive. I don't even know the price .



And that is how they roll in china :



Good Lord!


Need a beer.?

Don’t worry china got this too:




  1. In markets in Shanghai you get good knock offs of Louis Vuitton bags for $25, North Face jackets for $26, Cartier wallets for $15, Callaway and Taylor-Made golf clubs fr $12.50 and Wilson tennis racket for $10.

If a customer doesn't see what he wants he can leaf through a counterfeit goods catalog and order a copy of what he likes. Truck parts, brake pads and pharmaceuticals are also available.

Companies are sometimes reluctant to advertise because often all that does is boost sales for the counterfeiters.

  1. 在上海市场上,你可以买到买到25美金的路易威登包、26美元的“北面”夹克、15美元的卡地亚皮钱包、12.50美元的卡莱威和泰勒制造的高尔夫球杆和10美元的威尔逊网球拍。



  1. In stores you can find Chinese oranges with fake Sunkist labels.

6.The quality of counterfeits is improving. Some times even pros are fooled and counterfeits have made their way into legitimate distribution channels and end up in stores where people think they are buying the real things.

One study by Itallian authorities in the early 2000s found that fake Rolex watches were so well made---including the internal identifying marks like those stamped inside real Rolexes---that even people at Rolex had difficulty distinguishing them as fakes. Sometimes as much as $2,500 would go into making a counterfeit Rolex that sold for $12,000 or more in a jewelry shop.




Now , this shocking statement from one of the Chinese executive:

A media executive in Shanghai who earns $80,000 a year told the Washington Post:

“I realized the quality of counterfeit stuff is not bad at all, and the price is one-tenth of the real products. I have never felt embarrassed to carry a fake. I have good taste, and I know what is quality and what is isn’t...It is not as if I buy the bag just because of the brand. It has to be a style I like."




  1. Fake iPhones:

A vendor who was selling fake iPhone 4s for about $100 in Beijing told the Washington Post, “You can't tell the difference between this and the real thing." He said he was selling the fakes at a rate of over 1,000 a month and even though he offered a money guarantee no one had returned a phone, The phones he sold even used real iPhone accessories such as chargers and earphones.

Fake iPad were selling for $150 in Shanghai in August 2010 as opposed to $1,000 for the real ones.


一个在北京以大约100美元售卖山寨iPhone 4s的小贩告诉《华盛顿邮报》,“你分不清这和真的有什么区别。”他说他每月能卖出1000台以上,没有人退过货,经他手卖出的苹果手机甚至还使用真的iPhone配件,如充电器和耳机。


8.) 3 out of every 4 counterfeit product is made in China!

While this may not seem surprising at first it is only when we take this in context of the scale of global piracy that we can see how rampant an industry this is in China. A 2013 article from the Financial Times reports that the counterfeiting problem has become so bad in China it is causing many foreign brands to shy away from manufacturing in China at the risk that their product will be easily counterfeited.

  • The amount of counterfeit goods traded annually is greater than the GDP of 150 of the world’s countries.
  • An International Chamber of Commerce report estimates the total value of counterfeit and pirated goods globally could be as high as $1.77 Trillion. To put that number into perspective, that value is roughly equal to the annual nominal GDP of Canada - the 11th biggest economy in the world!



  • 每年的假冒商品交易量超过世界150个国家的国内生产总值。
  • 国际商会的一份报告估计,全球假冒和盗版商品的总价值可能高达1.77万亿美元。从长远来看,这个数值大致相当于加拿大的年名义GDP——世界第11大经济体!


Anything you can think of !

Everything is available in the Chinese Copy Version.


These guys are strongest in the world when it comes to copying ability.






Sandra Kreiner, IB from Linz International School Auhof (2016)

I’ve got another impressive thing China copied. Because @Caio França wrote about copies of the eiffeltower and such.

See this?

我知道中国山寨了另一种令人印象深刻的东西。因为Caio França 之前写过山寨埃菲尔铁塔的事。



Pretty, right? It’s a place in the Austrian “Salzkammergut” a gorgeous area filled with kristal lakes, lush green scenery, the alps as a backdrop and some very cute old little towns. One such town is Hallstatt, UNESCO World Heritage site (well technically it is part of a world heritage site of that area). Anyway, it’s quite old, over 7000 years old, and was the place of discovery of archeological findings from the 800–400 BC, a timespan now called the hallstattzeit (in that area at least). It was a fairly wealthy area, due to its rich salt resources (the whole of Salzkammergut’s mountains is rich in salt). There’s plenty more to say about Hallstatt, it’s one of Austria’s favourite tourist destinations and guess who are especially enamoured with this town? The chinese.

Now look at this




Hallstatt? Yes, but not in Austria, the chinese one. Yup. China built a replica of an entire Austrian town (it’s quite small, only some 800 inhabitants, but still)! It can be found in the city of Boluo, Guangdong province and is (almost) a perfect copy.

Pretty crazy, if you ask me. But as an Austrian I feel honoured, that the chinese adored this town so much so much, they decided to make their own copy. So here you go, that’s how strong china’s copying ability is. Have a good day!




Tésia Thomas

China's amazing at copying. But they're a quite innovative country, rivaling the U.S. in number of patents filed per year.

Yes, China is more innovative than the U.S.

…And you can thank the America Invents Act (AIA) for that.

Some tips for inventors out there:

A patent is your license to monopolize the making/manufacturing, use, and sale of your proprietary tech.







This means you are legally able to sue:

  • Manufacturers/Factories
  • Distributors/Retailers
  • Customers whether companies or individual people
  • Anyone who tries to get anyone else to infringe your IP (middlemen)

Write in your Kickstarter that you'll take legal action against anyone who even uses your tech without having purchased it from you and you should keep Chinese (and any one else) copycats from making any sales, lest their customers want to fight you in court.

Give them an ultimatum:

'Buy my product from me at my reasonable price


spend more money in legal fees than you paid to buy from my competitors.'


  • 制造商/工厂
  • 分销商/零售商
  • 顾客是公司还是个人
  • 任何试图让别人侵犯你的知识产权的人(中间人)





Be ruthless.

You want to reap what you've sown. Not being paid for (intellectual) labor is pretty much slavery.

Who would work for no pay?

Working hard and inventing a product just for copy cats to make all of the profits is like picking cotton for a master that sells the plant and doesn't give anything to you.

Yeah I said it. And I mean it. Any work for no pay is slavery. Unless you agree to it. Then it's volunteering.







Priysha Sinha, Indian,writer, thinker & Electrical engineer

They copied god damn Bhature!!!!



Every Indian has at least heard of this famous dish of India that is Bhature. Now, the great genius chefs of china of the Maryland-based restaurant Q by Peter Chang, run by Chinese chef Peter Chang has copied this incredible food of India and named it as 'Scallion Bubble Pancake’. [1]

每一个印度人都至少听说过印度的这道名菜。现在,由中国厨师张彼得(Peter Chang)经营的马里兰州Q餐厅的中国天才厨师们复刻出了这种印度美食,并将其命名为“葱泡饼”。〔1〕


The story doesn’t end here, they are also selling the bhaturas as 'scallion bubble pancakes' by Peter Chang at his restaurant and have categorized it as a perfect dim sum[2] starter and some genius people are trying this supposedly new dish with Chopsticks and has uploaded the videos of the same.

Apart from this, Chinese brilliant minds have copied Lucknowi CHIKANKARI[3] , the Indian ARTIFICIAL JEWELLERIES, PASHMINA, KASHMIRI EMBROIDERY etc.and their expertise in Reverse engineering[4] is known by the world


除此之外,中国的天才们还山寨了Lucknowi CHIKANKARI[3]、印度人造珠宝、帕什米纳、克什米尔刺绣等,他们在逆向工程方面的才华为世界所熟知。


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