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Huawei’s Foldable Phone Actually Looks Amazing



This is a render of Huawei’s new foldable phone. The Chinese company showed the “finished product” at a private event to Korean telecoms, according to the country’s technology newspaper ET News.

这是华为新款可折叠手机的渲染图。据韩国科技报《ET News》报道,这家中国公司在一次私人活动中向韩国电信展示了“成品”。

Credit: ETNewsA senior official spoke to the paper, confirming that the “Huawei FolderBoop” — Google’s accidental translation from Korean — will support 5G networking. And allthough, the source couldn’t disclose specific design details, specifications, or the user interface, “it was more complete than expected.”

一位高级官员接受ET News采访时证实,“华为FolderBoop”比预期的更完善将支持5G网络。透露具体的设计细节、规格和用户界面。

ET News claims that the phone will sport a foldable display almost completely devoid of bezels, measuring 8 inches when open (compared to Samsung’s 7.3-inch display). Outside, the phone will have a 5-inch screen that will allegedly occupy the entire front — except for a notch, unlike Samsung Galaxy F and its 4.6-inch external display.

ET News称,这款手机将采用几乎完全没有边框的可折叠显示屏,开时尺寸为8英寸(三星的则为7.3英寸的显示屏相比)。折叠后屏幕为5英寸,据称将覆盖整个机身前部——除了一个凹槽,三星Galaxy F折叠后屏幕为4.6英寸。

Huawei’s CEO Ken Hu already has pointed out that its foldable phone “could replace a PC” and that it will beat Samsung’s foldable to include 5G. Both companies were beaen in the war to release the first foldable phone, however, with unknown Chinese company Royole snatching the prized world’s first title on November 1.


Huawei is reportedly aiming to release its first foldable phone in June 2019, while announcing the phone at the Mobile World Congress next February in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung is expected to announce its foldable at the same venue, with a rumored March release.




David13 hours ago

Wait a folding phone from both Samsung and Huawei, now apple will have to decide which one to copy.



richer10 hours ago

Competition drives prices down. Thank China for everything:flat tv,smartphones,ac,refridgerators, etc. that was once luxury items for the rich.



James15 hours ago

My favorite device is the 7.9" iPad Mini 4, this phone is .1" bigger when unfooded! Like to check this phone out.

我最喜欢的电子设备是7.9英寸的iPad Mini 4,这款手机展开时iPad Mini4要大0.1英寸,迫不及待想看看这手机


QT π10 hours ago

Interesting, but it will hardly replace the personal computer. These devices (like tablets) are geared for CONSUMPTION. PCs are for productivity. What is really sad about this is that both Huawei and Samsung are unveiling this new product, but there will be no shortage of Americans who will see this, and still think that it was "copied". Such is the process of "life from the couch".



John15 hours ago

A "foldable phone" that replaces a PC? Yeah; ever tried typing on a phone keyboard or reading the small font for hours? That's a pretty lame claim. It didn't happen with tablets - it won't happen with a cell phone.



yorky4 hours ago

I like the Huawei phone with Porsche design.now they have the foldable phone,Huawei is so great



SoloUno7 hours ago

These devices will not be able to replace a PC unless they can add support of a docking station with access to mouse, keyboard and multiple large size monitors with full functionality access to productivity applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Photoshop, etc.



Howard15 hours ago

Huawei Mate Pro 10 is great! The battery is juicy after 3 days!

华为Mate Pro 10太棒了!3天后电池还挺满的!


James15 hours ago

By far 3 things are most important: Performance, Storage, Trust.

iPhone ranks #1 in all three categories.




Orange Jet7 hours ago

Please stop saying things like this can "replace a PC". Try using excel on an 8 inch screen.



Scott8 hours ago

great! china has foldable phone the u.s.don't . china is inventing new tech



bill13 hours ago

Never never buy chinese phones don’t know why yahoo is always pushing chinese stocks and bitcoin and chinese products



Shu13 hours ago

American people have doubts on many things, but NEVER had doubts on their jealousy.



Tuan13 hours ago

Made in China.



No6 hours ago

Huawei should be no 1 if the usa does not discrimate chinese companies



Jay2 hours ago

Cant wait to have have Huawei here, hope it will be durable, better apps and longer battery lifespan.



Aung9 hours ago

4 things are most important. PRICE !. While other brand phone can be easily increase the storage by adding memory card , Apple is trying hard to make money from that little thing. It is shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Solo11 hours ago

So iPhone is decades behind???? Wooo



Thomas14 hours ago

Absolutely not touching anything china's brand ! don't care how good that is ! not using it as it given away for free !



Debo15 hours ago

Before you consider whether to buy samsung phone or not, do not forget that samsung harassed many US companies like Google, Faceboo, eBay, MS, Amazon, etc by selling DRAMs and SSDs with exceptionally high prices on purpose. Many US companies had to pay a huge amount of money for purchasing DRAMs amd SSDs while building up their data centers. Samsung intentionally adjusted memory output capacities to maintain the memory price to stay unacceptably high. Samsung sucks.



Bubba Einstein10 hours ago

I don't care if it has a laser that can cut steel and a ringtone that attract unicorns. Anyone who buys anything made by Huawei is going to have China listening to their every phone call, viewing their camera and tracking their movements. The U.S. govt. has already banned anything made by them and for good reason. Buyer beware.



John15 hours ago

I have intentionally not purchased "made in China" for the last 6 years whenever possible.



My name12 hours ago

Without Verizon frequency support, no matter what feature would not make me buy it.



kenneth10 hours ago

Anyone can make a render of a device, where is the actual device or do you want to show us something in the dark like Samsung did?



Robotech3 hours ago

Yup, so the new feature will be an explosive battery, de-privacy listening to your conversations, and hackable for credit card information.



defcon88811 hours ago

wow....we get to see a "render" of the phone.....great reporting Yahoo!



Richard10 hours ago

hacking North American companies for intellectual property and prospering from reverse engineering of patented innovations. Easier to steal years of research and development and then building upon it with cheap labor. Go ahead and support that behavior, just know several of the North American companies that helped benefit US economy are no longer in business as a result.



Kurtz15 hours ago

Chinese? hahaha no thanks



Jesse15 hours ago

china keep your spy phones, we don't want them!!



Hondo14 hours ago

It comes standard a spy chip.



TheyTerkErrJerbs6 hours ago

Too bad it was stolen from other companies. LMK when China snakes come up with something original.




You-Are-Dumb13 hours ago

As if anyone trusts Chinese Junk. I'm sure they just stole this from Samsung anyways. The whole concept behind this is a gimmick anyways. In order to make this thin enough that people would even want to carry this then this phone has to be insanely fragile. Go buy a tablet if you really want a bigger screen.



told what to think14 hours ago




Mike14 hours ago

Based on stolen technology and come preinstalled with spyware. Enjoy



Nathan3 hours ago

china == no good



Joe54 minutes ago

Wait till the American say they stole that technology from the U.S .



Richard15 hours ago




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