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Why did India buy 3 aircraft carriers but China didn't buy any?






India now has only one carrier :


List of aircraft carriers by country - Wikipedia. After one is decommissioned ,the other carrier entered into service .


Originally built as a “heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser” for the Soviet Navy, the ship was laid down as the Riga and renamed theVaryag in 1990. A Chinese travel agency purchased the unfinished hull in 1998, and three years later the ship was towed from the Ukraine to China, where it underwent extensive modernization of its hull, radar, and electronics systems. After years of refits, the Liaoning was commissioned into the PLAN in September 2012 as a training ship unassigned to any of the Navy’s three major fleets. Two months after the ship was commissioned, the PLAN conducted its first carrier-based takeoff and landings. Although it might be several years before a carrier air regiment is fully integrated into the PLAN, it was reported inNovember 2016 that the Liaoning is now combat ready.



Greg Blandino, works at Beijing, China

China bought one and hasn’t built any. India has purchased three and built one. Both countries are now switching to domestic production as “buying” aircraft carriers will be less and less feasible as the number of old, usable aircraft carriers on the market declines. This question is based on a false premise.


Both countries plan on making a conventionally-powered EMALS CATOBAR carrier, India will be making the INS Vishal and China will be making another ski-jump carrier before trying their hand at an EMALS CATOBAR carrier.

两国都计划制造一艘常规动力的电磁弹射起飞航母,印度将制造INS Vishal,中国将制造另一艘助飞斜坡航母,然后再尝试制造一艘电磁弹射起飞航母。

All in all, it would seem India and China are about neck and neck in the carrier race, with India having more historical experience operating carriers both in peacetime and in combat.



Sreeraman Pj, former Automation Engineer at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (2017)

China may not be buying carriers but certainly is building some.India has sudden needs and hence has got some carriers quickly. The Chinese are not in a hurry to get carriers from other countries etc.I suspect the chinese are trying for a technological advanced heavy carriers/super carriers which can carry a host of aircraft for a variety of purposes.Unlike their current carrier,Indigenous nuclear super carrier will take lot of time to build.



Surendra Singh Bhadauria, works at Business

China has no enemy in the world. But India is suffering from terrorism neighbouring countries attacks, proxy war since it's independence. China has time to develop own technologies and equipments. Indian enemies have no global responsibly for the world. Everyone knows a weak person uses his most powerful arm first. Indian enemies and terrorist are strategically weak and having no or unstable government so They can use their most powerful arm ie, nuclear bomb against India. To demoralise such elements india have to gain power either by developing its technology or by purchasing it. Therefore India bought aircraft career.


India is gaining power for its defence not for attack.



Jefferson Yin

In fact, China can save much money by building her own aircraft carrier. The reason for this is due to the differences between the Chinese and Indian industrial systems, which the former cannot support, while China can. That is also the reason why India always keeps a large number of different types of weapons, for the usage of one piece of weaponry means losing another.


I regret to say that the Indian industrial system still has a long way to go. Indeed only several coutries in the world have the technology to afford producing their own aircraft carriers.


Shavan Bhattacharjee, A practical Indian

The purpose of having an aircraft carrier is for two reasons


1.Power projection

2.Alternate arm of attack



China for a long time until the 1980's or even till mid-1990's focused on building their own country rather than focusing on projecting their power overseas. Now since the last decade as they have grown economically and is now a dominant force in world economics, they have developed an expansionist ambition (Not to be confused with invasion) which is evident from the man made islands being constructed by them and their love-hate relationship with Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and their claims of the South China Sea. To keep controls over these aspects of foreign policy, they need to project force and hence usage of aircraft carriers are essentials. Also, they do recognize the threat of the American fleets operating closeby. Such assets can pose a direct challenge to the Americans. The Chinese ambition is only set to grow.


On the other hand, when India was divided we had hostilities only with Pakistan which flanked us on both sides - East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan.  Due to the hostilities and the wars which we had fought with them, it was essential for India to have a safe sea route to ensure that Indian interests were not affected by the Pakistani navy in the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea. Hence, India acquired its first aircraft carrier which proved its worth in the 1971 India-Pakistan war.


At a later stage, India acquired the 2nd aircraft carrier due to the growing American interests and presence in the region which was not in India's interests. This acquisition was more to project a deterence rather than fight a war. In addition to this India also needed a 2nd carrier since India is flanked by 2 large sea fronts on either side.


The third one was acquired from Russia as we had to retire one of our aging aircraft carriers and India always needs two operating aircraft carriers  for both of the sea sides. We are currently builting India's 4th aircraft carrier and should be commissioned in the next 2-3 years.


A 5th carrier will be rolled out for contruction in one of the shipping yards in India in 2017 and the focus mainly will be to track the Indian Ocean region. So we will have 3 carriers in each of the sea boards.





Rahul Funde, studied at Thakur College of Engineering and Technology

Because for India aircraft carriers are sign of power and for China Aircraft carrier is sitting duck.


Let's not go long back in history, A simple answer Here is how.


After independence India asked lord Mountbatten to be first Governor General of India. He was the same person who went on to became the first sea lord of UK. and that guy was genius. He helped India to make. He knew that somewhere in the future this country will to carry Indian ocean on it's back. And he was right.


Today India has to keep Pakistan at corner, Iran and other gulf state at peace and the same fight Somalian pirates and carry out evacuation operations like we carried out Yemen crisis. And also India might have to visit Indonesia/ Australia/ other South China sea nations and other states for goodwill visit.


And for this kind of purposes submarines are useless. You need a surface fleet to show power and dominance.


Where as for China it took them decades to appoint first naval chief. They had to keep those small nations in South China Sea at check, and the same time make sure Russian Navy stays away from eastern Chinese coast.


And now they have to make sure that 7th fleet doesn't trouble them( they can't make 11 aircraft carriers) and the same make sure that Indian aircraft carrier don't make a goodwill visit to their shores. (Obviously India is not making 3 aircraft carrier only for Indian Ocean). So they don't need more carriers but a powerful fleet of subs, warships, frigates, destroyers that can be equipped with carrier killer (Real. Not the Df21).


And they already have all of it.


In short when it comes to navy, India is USA and China is Soviet Union. Both had a different class but both are world class.



Gabriel Chan, Overseas Chinese(華僑)

China and India has different needs for a naval force and pursue different paths. 


China is more interested in building a deterrence force and since their most power adversary is on paper the United States and Japan who are overwhelmingly powerful in surface fleet and naval air arms, China has chosen asymmetrical response by investing in submarines. And Chinese submarines have proven to be very effective, surfacing in the middle of a US carrier group on at least two publicly known occasions. Chinese stealthy submarines are an excellent deterrent since they are nowhere, and everywhere.


China has an aircraft carrier now, and is taking baby steps to figuring out how it works. The Chinese carrier Liaoning is most valuable as a floating university (for learning naval aviation) rather than a floating military airfield.


Carriers also provide India with an additional vector of attack if it ever needs to fight Pakistan again.


As to difficulty of buying carriers: one does not simply buy one. India basically is everyone's friend and markets itself at best as a victim of aggression and at worse a harmless regional power. China is a red flag (literally): it avoids political alliances (ie isolated) and is the West's number one enemy since the fall of the Soviet Union





Julie Chu, Missing hometown food

China has bought one, the Liaoning aircraft carrier, it's now in Chinese navy.


When this Russian aircraft arrived in China, it was a half-completed project.


China will continue to build new aircraft carriers, don't need to buy.



Ameya Rao, Political & Defense Analyst

Question: Why did India buy 3 aircraft carriers but China didn't buy any?


Navy (or military for that matter) is not a child's play. "I want the same toy what my friends have" - this doesn't work. For example US has over a dozen aircraft carriers because they have aggressive and offensive operations across the globe far away from their home country. Hence they need a floating airbase. Another e.g. the gigantic land mass of Russia itself is a natural aircraft carrier. Why would they need any further?


Now coming to India and China - India actually doesn't have any global operations or ambitions. I don't know why it needs so many aircraft carriers. Probably they are influenced by/mimicking the US. India should ideally invest heavily in SSBNs (nuclear submarines) (armed with SLBMs) so as to have a complete nuclear triad.


China doesn't have any offensive operations around the world either. So even if it doesn't invest in carriers it's fine! FYI - China has invested heavily in SSBNs and already has a complete nuclear triad.



Vilas Kulkarni, works at Government

China aims none other country than India, Its all three forces are enough strong stronger than Indian forces, China has possessed more than 8000 fighter planes that is more than sufficient to deal with,India,and the more It can use Pakistani aerodromes and air bases in case of emergency even its forces too, but India is alone, Alone it has to face and its internal conditions well known to the world,our own people will assist our enemies



Davy Ray, Instructor at University of Oregon (2001-present)

China did purchase an unfinished carrier from Ukraine (formerly of the Soviet Union) it is now operational but it’s already so old that it’s likely only going to serve as a training vessel. They are currently building a modern carrier.



Sudhakar Gaitonde, Artist (stained glass, oils), club racer (vintage cars), pilot (ASEL)

China is the world's biggest technology thief. It's hackers are constantly drilling into servers of top US and British universities to steal the latest research.


So now why did India buy 3 aircraft carriers? We have 3 seas - Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian ocean. One for each.


We also have underwater submarine based aircraft carriers. These are deadly and silent nuclear subs with international ballistic missiles. However their main purpose is to hold 100 planes each kept in launch ready state. These are regular human operated jets, not drones.


An aircraft carrier is used to recover submarine launched planes. Else they land on terra firma.


3 carriers provide a visible distraction. The enemy is monitoring its movements and wasting resources. The real work is happening elsewhere - Underground, underwater or deep space.


Like the Viet Cong who constructed a 300 km network of underground tunnels and defeated the US, 5000 km of Indian tunnels deep in the himalayas enable crossing over into China without a sweater.


All Chinese communication happens over stolen encryption protocols. The keys to it are written by Indians.


Chinese data is encrypted. When they need to work on it its de-crypted. And thereby compromised.


Indian communication and data is worked upon in an 100% encrypted state. This tech. is shared with the US and Russia. (Shared, not sold. So they stay obliged to us temporarily.)


Chinese and friends chapter


10,000 BC - China 0 friends, India 10


China discovers silk. And wonders which part of the worm can be eaten.


India writes Vedas (version 1 million), making silk sarees, debates advanced maths and astrology.


A princess sues Susruta over a botched plastic surgery. He pays and commits everything to a written medium.


5000 BC - China 0, India 20


China discovers paper making. India decides paper is ephemeral and continues using copper plates and stones.


2000 BC China 0 friends, India 30


China discovers paper fans making. India wonders what is Buddha.


1000 BC China 0, India 40


China discovers fire crackers. Indians supply them saltpeter and suggests making gunpowder is better than pretty crackers.


1000 AD - China 0, India 50


China sulks in misery like a wet goat. Mongols are just warming up.


India is a melting pot of world cultures. Raja Raja Chola conquers south east Asia. In his free time.


Genghis gets his permission to occupy China. Together they agree that they won't interfere in each other's matters.



1000-1300 AD - China 0, India 50


China builds a compound wall using mud and lime. In fear.


India builds the brihadeeshwara temple out of granite. In devotion.


2000 AD - China 0, India 100 friends


China sends a moon probe. Indian space vehicle barely avoids colliding with it, on its way to Mars.


3000 AD - China 0, India 200


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